Let’s Play & Upgrade Ourselves

It is rightly said by someone that, “Let us progress ourselves, it is the best way of making others progress.”

Here at Atmiya Vidya Mandir, we get to do many unique projects. One such project is ‘Let’s upgrade ourselves’, made by students of grade 6. In that, students had to create a theme-based Snakes & Ladders game. It was a language project through which students also got an opportunity to use their creativity, presentation skills and teamwork.

The themes for the project were:

  • Good habits & bad habits
  • Virtues & vices
  • Be like a lion & be like a goat
  • Excessive use of computers & reading books
  • Being Atmiya & being egoistic
  • Positive senses & Negative senses

Lets Upgrade-1

The project was accomplished in the following steps:

  • Brainstorming on the given theme
  • Shortlisting the phrases
  • Writing write-ups for the phrases
  • Editing by the teacher
  • Finalising the points
  • Drawing and making a game board

Lets Upgrade-2

Students wore thinking caps and tried to give the best of themselves. The project made learning English fun & interesting for all of us. It was not only a Snakes & Ladders game but also an example of learning an art of living through English.

-Reported by Nishkam T. Patel & Nirav K. Patel (Std 6)

AVM Teams win the Regional Debate Competition!

Our school participated for the first time in the Dr. Nanubhai Amin Science, Environment and Society Debate Competition 2015 held on 6th August, 2015. This was the regional round and the event has been instituted by Navrachana University, Vadodara, in the memory of Late Dr. Nanubhai Amin, an eminent scientist, industrialist and environmentalist. The competition was hosted by P. P. Savani International School, Surat.

A total of 12 teams from 6 different schools in the South Gujarat region participated in the competition. The topic for this round was Lifestyle is a key determinant of health rather than environment. Two teams represented our school: Niharbhai Dudhatra and Dinalbhai Patel of class 11 Commerce were in the proposition team while Yathanshbhai Joshi of class 10 and Nikunjbhai Aggarwal of class 11 Commerce opposed the motion.

During the event, the opponent teams were chosen through a lottery system. In Level 1, both our teams had to compete with the teams from Shree Vallabh Ashram School. Both our teams cleared this level and made their way to Level 2, the Judge’s Round. Again, both of our teams cleared the second round, which was actually more challenging than Level 1!

Thanks to immense amount of efforts put in by our English teachers, their guidance and training, due to which this result was achieved. It was a very proud moment as both of our teams stood first in the Surat Regional Round and got qualified for the Final Round that will be held at Navrachana University, Vadodara on 30th September, 2015.

Congratulations to both our teams and we wish them the very best of luck for their Final Round, where the difficulty of the competition would be skyrocketed.

South Gujarat Regional Debate Competition 2015

Surat Regional Debate Competition 2015 1 Surat Regional Debate Competition 2015 2

Surat Regional Debate Competition 2015 3 Surat Regional Debate Competition 2015 4