Since its inception, AVM has always been emphasizing as well as implementing a unique mode of preparing leaders for tomorrow. Learning at AVM extends students’ horizon beyond what a school curriculum or academic scope can offer. It is a defining characteristic of AVM that students are exposed to various modes of learning, schools of thought and the numerous thinking patterns that determine how the society has evolved in the 21st century.

It is in light of this viewpoint, the 12th commerce students are enrolled in a course on Financial Literacy – “Financial Market Management” (FMM) designed by the National Stock Exchange of India and conducted at AVM by Niveshaay. Its aim is to educate young aspirants about the importance of investing in life and then to help them to become acquainted about the financial markets.

To further enhance the knowledge of business essentials of the students with respect to financial markets, on 6th December, 2017 students of 12th Commerce availed an opportunity of going on an educational tour to Jainam Share Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a brokerage as well as an Asset Management company; and Niveshaay, a financial consultancy and portfolio management firm.

It was around midnoon and the market proceedings were at its peak, when students reached Jainam’s Corporate Office in Surat to witness the working of the stock market.

Here, a session was conducted by Tejas Sir, Head of Research Department. Through live demonstration and practical examples, he explained the students how the terminals of stock market work. He also answered the queries of students unreservedly.

After this brief session, the students reached with great anticipation and excitement to the Niveshaay’s office at Vesu. The artistic and creative interiors of the office enthralled the students at the very first glance. Niveshaay is a partnership firm founded and run by our very dear teachers and mentors Arvind Sir and Amit Sir, who also teach us the FMM modules in our school.

The office walls and the decorum fascinated the students for its futuristic, sophisticated and state of the art ambiance. Quite distinctively, each article or belonging of the office, from a shoe-rack to a pen holder, had an alongside showpiece which displayed the details and success story of companies manufacturing those products. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students.

Niveshaay, as the name suggests, has its relevance and significance in financial matters. Here, yet another exhilarating session was conducted by Mr. Siddharth Mandalaywala who talked about the very basics of investing in stock markets, and with vivid examples and witty explanation, he cleared many myths and presented statistical data in order to enhance students’ knowledge about finance. He also cleared all the mist of doubts.

Thereafter, students were invited to observe around and explore the office to learn all that they could from the inspiring place and from the even more inspiring people there. It was a wonderful time for the students as they learnt about stories of well-known and successful companies, showcased through wall-exhibits. A delightful refreshment of sandwiches was served with warmth and love which boosted the spirits to record that moment as a lifetime experience in our memory.

Finally, there came the time to conclude our visit, and all students proceeded to a well-known restaurant in Surat to have a sumptuous dinner.

The auspicious day and date graced the occasion as it was the birthday of our Dear Pravartak Sir. The mirth and cheers of students grew by leaps and bounds, to be perched on the memory lane forever.

This visit generated many moments which will be etched in our memory for a lifetime. At the end, we returned to school as a better version of ourselves. With recently acquired knowledge and hands-on experience, all students seemed to be dipped in financial-wisdom elixir!

12th Commerce (Sweekar)

[Batch of 2018]