The Inter House Logical Intelligence Competition was held on 9th December 2017 in which students of standard 1st to 10th from all the four houses participated. For the competition, students were divided into five groups as per their age.

Following is a brief description of the group wise events:

Group 1 (Std. 1 & 2)

  • Students solved Tangram, making 10, rotating operation and pictures operations puzzles. They not only showed creativity in thoughts and team spirit but also enjoyed the image making round using Tangram. In making 10 round, students were instructed to show different arrangements to make 10 using blocks. They were confident enough to make 10 very quickly and responded very well to the judge’s queries too.

Group 2 (Std. 3 & 4)

  • Students enthusiastically worked through the 3 rounds planned for the competition. First round was of Estimation in which students performed activities like Estimating Mass, Length and Capacity of various objects. Second round was of solving puzzles with given pattern. The third round was of creating patterns with different mathematical shapes and colouring the given pattern to judge their logical intelligence.

Group 3 (Std. 5 & 6)

  • Two main games of password puzzles and matchstick puzzles were planned in the competition, divided into 5 rounds (3 rounds of password puzzle and 2 rounds of matchstick puzzles). In the password game, in first round they were given 40 seconds to identify the password based on given hints but in other two rounds the participants hardly took 10 seconds to reveal the password. They also took an active part in other two rounds of solving matchstick puzzles.

Group 4 (Std. 7 & 8)

  • Students had to work in a group (4 students per house) and solve 4 puzzle questions based on logical reasoning and geometry.

Group 5 (Std 9 & 10)

  • Competition had four rounds. First round was based on number patterns, second round had dice puzzles, in third round students solved geometrical puzzle and the last round had logical reasoning puzzle.

Since the participants had the advantage of participating in the AVM Math Circle during this academic year, they could solve puzzles by applying different strategies they had learnt and their thought process was better organised compared to last year.

Overall, the participants performed very well and in great spirit. Creativity, hard work and courage, all put together made it possible for students to show brilliance in their work and the competition was conducted successfully.

Final result of the competition:

  1. Shivam
  2. Sundaram
  3. Satyam
  4. Suhradam

Reported by: Prabhumagna Sir