“Life does not give you warranties and guarantees, it provides you with possibilities and opportunities.”

Param Pujya Swamishree’s visit to Atmiya Vidya Mandir is one of the rare opportunities that the students very eagerly want to cherish throughout their life. Just as a lamp symbolises that light will ultimately triumph over darkness, Swamiji’s grace gives the students the strength to fight against internal darkness. There are various perspectives to look at Swamiji’s visit to AVM. To put it simply, His visit is no less than a grand celebration for all at AVM. His visit is yet another festival that the students of AVM eagerly await every year.

It is inevitable not to feel inspired by the divine vibes that Swamiji brings along with Him.

News of Swamiji’s arrival spread like a wave of happiness across the campus. In less than an hour, the environment of the campus wore a new vivacity and spell of enthusiasm all over. There was altogether a different keenness and devotion with which the preparations for His grand welcome were progressing on the campus. The environment around was a kaleidoscope of different emotions ranging from happiness to excitement. Though the students of AVM chase the target of 70% with their utmost sincere efforts, but Swamiji’s arrival infuses a new life and enthusiasm to their zeal and determination. Everyone on the campus wore a broad smile on their face and forgot all their anxieties. It was as if Swamiji’s one glance would wipe off all their worries.

Swamiji’s blessings, care and relentless efforts have made the school reach new heights of excellence. Had He not established this temple of education, there would not be a batch of highly spiritual and successful individuals stepping out into the world and resisting the negativity around to rise above all as servant leaders and inspiring personalities. Swamiji visits the school every year and inspires the students to study hard & to rely on God’s strength. He also inspires the staff to work to further create a study-conducive and student-centric environment. What a scene it was to watch everyone eagerly waiting for that one event: Swamiji’s arrival on campus. And the prayers were heard, He visited Atmiya Vidya Mandir on 12th December 2017! Everyone’s joy had no bounds. But this wasn’t all. The greater benefit of Swamiji’s visit to AVM was still left. His divine words that were like the pearls of the depths, hard to find. But once found not to be lost.

Next day, in the evening, all the students, teachers and mentors and the enitre AVM family gathered in the school’s prayer hall to seek Swamiji’s blessings. Well before Swamiji’s arrival at the hall, all the students were ready with diaries and pens and as if they were on some mission. They couldn’t afford to leave behind even the smallest bit of His divine words. And then, in came Swamiji from one side of the stage to which the students roared in delight. A few minutes later when two of the bhoolkus finished offering their prayers, Swamiji began addressing the students. He began explaining about how the students must keep Param Pujya Yogiji Maharaj as their role model. He instructed the students to pray for a speech (vaani) as polite and humble as that of Yogiji Maharaj. He continued by saying that the students must be saral in front of parents, teachers, mentors and friends. Swamiji wanted all the students to respect their parents and serve them because they have sacrificed their happiness for their children. Swamiji then went on to explain how internal happiness could only be attained if all were free from stubbornness, ego and jealousy.

Next, Swamiji told the students to be calm in every situation and not to get angry on fellow mates. He further added that anger reduces the memory. If the students fail during the day in any aspect of life, they must pray to God at night and seek strength. Followed by this, Swamiji made it clear that the students must keep asking their doubts to teachers till they understand their concepts. Even if a teacher shows his or her dissatisfaction, the students must not revolt back and should try to stay patient. The next few words that Swamiji enunciated were “Badha ne ‘tame’ kahi ne bolavana”. He explained that all the students must respect each other and stay together with atmiyata. Towards the end, Swamiji made the students realise how fortunate they are to have a staff like that of AVM. He also instructed all to be in contact with at least 4 ardent devotees and 2 saints in order to live a pious life.

There couldn’t be a better way to end this session than with His golden words “Tame amara chho”. The sentence reflected the special and unique place that all at AVM have in Swamishree’s heart.

Thus, ended the fabulous visit of Swamiji at AVM.

His ever-flowing blessings continue.

Reported by: Nisarg Patel & Sankalp Patel (Class 11 Commerce)