The visionary founder of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasadswamiji firmly believes that education should go hand in hand with culture, righteousness and spirituality. So, to rekindle the inquisitiveness of today’s generation and to understand the important life values, this year the creative assemblies of AVM were mainly performed on the life stories of our epic heroes, biographies of great saints, legends of India, who are the fountainhead of Indian philosophy and culture. These messages of creative assemblies enrich the thoughts and help students continue with their journey towards the motto of the school “UNION OF BODY, MIND & SOUL”.

On 16th December 2017, Sundaram House was given the opportunity to present the life of the great devotional poet Narsinh Mehta. Narsinh Mehta belonged to a Nagar-Brahmin family in Talaja, near Junagadh (Kathiawar, Gujarat). But he was oblivious of all this and sang the devotional songs of Lord Krishna with extreme delight. He had unspeakable faith in God that He would provide him with all his wants. Lord Krishna gave him ‘darshan’ too and helped him in many ways during his life. Narsinh’s faith and devotion transformed his life into a series of miracles.

One of the incidents which was enacted on the stage was about the allegations against Narsinh Mehta made by the courtiers of Raja Ra Mandlik. The king ordered Narsinh to refute the charges of his accusers for having claimed to have seen Lord Krishna and his Rasleela. During the trial in the temple, all were there including the Raja. They saw the temple door open and a garland fall on Narsinh’s neck! Narsinh himself seeing the Lord garlanding him was overwhelmed with emotions.

The life of this great Bhakt and his devotional compositions never fail to inspire the world. Few of his famous compositions are:

  • વૈષ્ણવજન તો તેને રે કહિએ, જે…
  • પ્રાણ થકી મુને વૈષ્ણવ વ્હાલા…
  • અખિલ બ્રહ્માંડમાં એક તું શ્રીહરિ…

We all have one or the other hobbies, likewise Narsinh Mehta had the hobby of singing Bhajans.

Whenever Narsinh Mehta faced challenges in his life, he surrendered totally to God and his prayers were always answered.

So, through this assembly, we all learnt that “ભગવાનનું ભજન” એ પણ એક શીખવા જેવી hobby છે.

During the creative assembly, all the participating students put life in each and every character with their sincere efforts. Mesmerizing dances were presented by students of all ages to bring the scene of heaven on earth. At the end, all participants came up in front of the stage and everyone applauded their great work.

Sundaram House students and teachers had worked tirelessly to overcome many challenges and make this event a success.

These assemblies nurture our creative confidence and the team work also helped in inspiring and motivating us. When friends and other students take part in such activities, even the less confident ones get influenced and feel encouraged to participate. This helps the students to familiarize themselves with the environment and encourages them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Reported by: Jagrat Sandesara (Class 9B)