As a part of our reading project, the new batch of 12th Commerce were assigned their first project that is, to present a book. The students were divided into five groups and each group were given a book to present. The books were:-

  1. Ego is the Enemy – By Ryan Holiday
  2. Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy
  3. Grit to Great – Linda Thaler and Robin Koval
  4. Simplify (Part I & II) – Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood
  5. Simplify (Part III & IV) – Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood

The book review presentation on ‘Simplify’ written by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood was distributed among two groups, to present on 17th and 26th of April 2017, respectively. The first group consisted of the following members namely Mit Adhvaryu, Jay Patel, Rutvik Gosai and Keyur Rana. And the second group members were: Aayush Verma, Dev A. Patel, Sarveshwar Modi and Deep Patel.

The book explains the readers “How the best businesses in the world succeed.” In the first two parts of the book, the authors explain that in order to become a successful businessman, one must Simplify and choose either of the options, that is,

  • price simplification or
  • proposition simplification.

Ford, IKEA and McDonald’s are some of the examples of price simplification which are described in the book.

And Apple, Bain & Co., Uber, Spotify, Airbnb etc. are the examples of proposition simplification which are described in the book by the authors.

The third part tells us how to save a non-simplifying company from simplifying companies. It talks about the weaknesses of strong firms.

The fourth part is divided into four chapters. The first two chapters talk about the rewards that simplifying firms reaped after simplifying. The next chapter was about the growth of companies because of simplifying and it compares industries which simplified and those that did not. The final chapter of the book states the power, glory and limitations of simplifying.

After discussing about the book, we then related the concepts of simplifying with life at AVM. The simplifiers at AVM are the students and teachers of AVM. We discussed the technique which can be used by the students: to understand concepts in such a way that a fifth grader can understand the concept of a 12th grader when taught to him. The rewards of doing this are numerous to mention, including achieving our learning targets and our performance goals.

To make the book reviews a success, both the groups worked very hard and it would not have become possible to present such a detail oriented business related book without the constant guidance from our teachers. It was a great experience overall. It taught us to work in a team and how to overcome challenges. Presenting the book in a houseful auditorium in front of our teachers and other students, was a joy and a great learning experience.

Part I and II by Mit Adhvaryu, Jay Patel, Rutvik Gosai and Keyur Rana (11 Commerce)

Part III & IV by Aayush Verma, Dev A. Patel, Sarveshwar Modi and Deep Patel (11 Commerce)