Atmiya Vidya Mandir Debating Club is now eight years old. The motto of the club is to harness the skills of language, communication, presentation and coordination. Nurturing the essential skill of teamwork and seeking the truth forms the basis of all the efforts put into the club by all the debating guides. Individual attention to all the members of the club is provided to inculcate the advance skills of debating.

The activities of the club are organised to ensure the active participation of all the members. Every debater gets an opportunity to speak at the podium in presence of the audience consisting of interested students, encouraging teachers and expert Judges in the school auditorium. The participants are not only trained, guided and supervised during the preparation but also receive constructive comments of the judges on their speeches.

Like every year, the training modules were arranged for the new members of the club. All the new members undergo these module sessions to acquire the basic knowledge and skills of debate. The modules were presented by the respective debating guides through PowerPoint presentations, relevant videos, interactive questionnaires and instructive activities. Following is a list of modules that the members went through during the year 2017-18.

AVM Debate Training Modules

Module No.

Module Title

Debating Guide

1 Introduction to Debate Seema Ma’am
2 ARE Format of Reasoning Prabhudarshan Sir
3 Debate Speech Writing and Delivery Srimona Ma’am
4 Research Techniques and Methods Prajval Sir
5 Rebuttal and Refutation Chirag Sir
6 Flowing and Real-time Note Taking Prabhudarshan Sir
7 Point of Information and Heckling Prajval Sir
8 Communication Skills in Debating Seema Ma’am
9 Teamwork in Debate Chirag Sir

The existing members of club practiced debating throughout the year. A weekly schedule of an hour each day was made to provide the participants with technical resources and teacher’s guidance. The schedule utilised their time and energy in research and aided them to accomplish their daily task.

AVM Practice Debate Preparation Schedule


Daily Task

Monday Introduction of the Topic and relevant Resources
Tuesday Online Research Day 1
Wednesday Online Research Day 2
Thursday Review of the Speech
Friday Speech Training
Saturday Rehearsing the Speech with Time

With determined mindset, all the debaters sincerely devoted an hour a day for the rigorous preparation. The well thought out & chosen topics, and team spirit boosted their enthusiasm and morale to work hard and speak fluently in front of the sizeable audience.

AVM Practice Debate Sessions

Practice Debate



Practice Debate Topic

Winner Team

1 29th July 2017 VII Homework should be Banned. Opposition
2 29th July 2017 VIII Residential Schools are a Boon. Proposition
3 19th August 2017 VII Fast Food does more Harm than Good. Proposition
4 19th August 2017 VIII Sports Persons should not be Followed as Role Models. Proposition
5 26th August 2017 IX Video Games are a Bane. Proposition
6 26th August 2017 X Democracy is the Best Form of Government. Proposition

The 8th Inter House Debate Competition took place with great zeal. On one hand, the debaters sincerely invested their time and efforts and on the other hand, guides supported them with their genuine knowledge and mentoring. After the Grand Finale, respected judges encouraged all the participants and shared with them their expert comments. The final results of the competition are as follows:

AVM Inter House Debate Competition 2017-18






VII & VIII Joint Family is better than Nuclear Family. Proposition Sundaram Winner  
Suhradam Winner  
Opposition Satyam Runner up  
Shivam Runner up  
IX & X GST is a Boon for India. Proposition Satyam Winner  
Shivam Winner  
Opposition Sundaram Runner up  
Suhradam Runner up  


On the eve of closing ceremony, Honourable Principal, Dr. Vijay Patel, awarded the graduating students with certificates and delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of learning debating skills. We heartily thank all the supporting team members to make this yearlong effort a successful one.

Reported by: Chirag Sir