Book Review Report – GRIT TO GREAT by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval

“થવું તો પ્રભુ ના બાળક થવું” Shivam House Creative Assembly 2016-17

A peek into the glass industry: Std. 11 and 12’s Industrial Visit to Borosil Gujarat

In any endeavour the inherent tendency within all of us must be to aim for the best. It is always important to keep this fire burning within ourselves. Aiming for excellence only and nothing else in whatever we do, right from the daily mundane chores like brushing our teeth in the morning to the most critical things in our lives will surely be very beneficial. Not only aiming high in whatever we do, but to perform our best is what we all should aspire for. We need to have all possible knowledge about whatever we do, so that we can give our best for it.

So, to get the best possible understanding about the process of manufacturing glass products, students of grades 11th and 12th visited two amazingly innovative and modern industries – Gujarat Borosil Limited and Vyline Glass Works Limited situated in Ankleshwar, on 19th September 2016.

Our journey towards the destination began at 9:00 am, and we were accompanied by a cool breeze and a little drizzling along the way. Our excitement to visit the factory kept us engaged in conversations in the bus and soon we reached our destination at near around 10:30 am.

It was the first time ever that these factories had invited any school students to visit, feeling extremely fortunate we soon gathered ourselves at a place and waited for the moment to come when our tour would begin. We were then introduced to the personnel over there, who would guide us during our journey of curiosity. After understanding the basic instructions, we set off for the factory visit.

First, we visited Gujarat Borosil Limited which was one of its largest plants in India, situated on 100 acres of land. which manufactured lab and commercial glassware used in labs and kitchens. Here 90% of the work was done by skilled people and 10% was done by machines. We were astonished at the sheer efficiency of the people working in the plant.

After having a complete look at the plant, we went to Vyline Glass Works Limited that mainly manufactured three types of glasses:

  1. Solar glasses which are used in Solar Panels.
  2. Printed glasses as per the customer requirement.
  3. Tempered glasses used in doors and windows.

We were amazed to see the functioning of such a huge plant and enhanced our knowledge about the manufacturing processes of these glass products. Unlike the Gujarat Borosil Ltd. plant, here 90% of the work was done by machines and only 10% was carried out by humans.

The annual turnover of these two factories was approximately Rs 190 crores and Rs 160 crores respectively. The immediate target of these factories was to grow the turnover to around 500 crores before 2020.

After visiting both the plants and feeding our brains we now wanted to attend to our stomachs. So, we had a delicious lunch at Lords and then returned to our home away from home.

Reported by: Jagrat Mashru & Vinayak Patel (Class 11 Commerce)