Atmiyata is the certain solution for each and every problem in this world. In today’s scenario, in the ever changing world, it is crucial to resolve any conflict in a peaceful way and keeping a broader perspective. Thus, it becomes inevitable to have people with interpersonal skills who have the ability to be atmiya with others, to make the world a serene place to live in.

To inculcate and demonstrate the virtue of atmiyata, Atmiya Vidya Mandir, organized the Interpersonal Intelligence Competition on Saturday, 11th November 2017 for grades 1 to 10.

For grades 1 to 6, team building games were selected in which there were 48 participants from grades 1 to 3 (4 students per house per grade) and 24 participants from grades 4 to 6 (2 students per house per grade). Students undertook various tasks which also triggered their inherent ability to use their motor skills along with mutual coordination. To mention a few of them like, caterpillar walk, atmiya race, elbow lock, balancing the tub, cross the bridge, cart pushing, etc.

For grades 7 and 8, there were 16 participants with 4 members from each house (2 students per grade). The theme for the competition was poster-making on the topic “Recipe of Success: Hard Work + Earnest Prayer + Company of Good Friends”. Participants brainstormed in synergy and came up with the flow about how they can project this theme on a given chart paper in the given time limit of one and a half hour. The participants came up with creative ideas to exhibit the same.

And last but not the least, for standards 9 and 10, again there were 16 participants (2 students per house per grade). Participants performed a small skit on ‘SWACHH BHARAT’. They collectively took up the charge to write a script, planned and finally with their joint efforts, they performed for the same within the time span of 1 and a half hour.

The overall result for the competition of Interpersonal Intelligence was as follows:

Houses /


Marks out of Satyam Shivam Sundaram Suhradam
Standard 1 to 3 60 40 33 36 47
Standard 4 to 6 50 40 34 26 32
Standard 7 and 8 100 63.5 86 65.5 72
Standard 9 and 10 20 19 15 18 17
Total 230 162.5 168 145.5 168
Result 2nd 1st 3rd 1st

The participants enjoyed being part of the various activities conducted in this graded competition. This gave them the insight to think about the work undertaken by them, in order to be able to do it better next time. The competition also made them realise the importance of working in a team with oneness and synergy which is often ignored during foundational academic years.

To conclude, this competition turned out to be another heartfelt attempt by the teachers of Atmiya Vidya Mandir to plan and conduct activities in such a way that the students not only enjoy but also pick up a great deal from it.

Reported by: Binu Ma’am