If one wants to become successful in his life then he has to remain a student for his lifetime. The more he learns from his and others’ mistakes and experiences, the swifter his journey becomes towards success. AVM provides many such learning opportunities to the students.

It has been a tradition of the school to organise the alumni interaction sessions at AVM every now and then. The main aim for all these sessions is to let the current students get an exposure of the various experiences of different alumni’s life and learn something from them.

One such insightful session was held on 10th November 2017 in the school auditorium at 12:00 pm. The inquisitive students of class 11th and 12th Commerce accompanied with their friendly teachers, were attentively present in the session hosted by an alumnus of AVM Class of 2014: Yash Bhai Roongta.

He was our school’s science stream topper in his class and had scored 94.8% in his board exams. Following that, he successfully completed his college education in Finance at the much revered NMIMS, Mumbai and now has begun a career in the Finance domain. He is currently working at WNS Global Services, Bangalore as a Senior Associate in the Asset Management Team.

He started the session by introducing the students to the field of Finance. In a very thoughtful manner, he explained to us the various aspects of Finance by giving relevant examples, so that we could understand the difficult concepts easily. He also told us that reading good books, meeting new people every now and then, and going for more internships to get the practical skills required in one’s life are very essential aspects to build a strong foundation for a successful career.

Listening to him has made us even more keen to further explore the field of Finance. In order to gain clarity on different topics, we asked him some questions to which he gave us some wonderfully simple and apt answers that have enriched our understanding about how to start a successful career.

He said that the one thing he could have done when he was at AVM, apart from the amazing things he learnt, was to read books regularly. He heartily appealed to us to develop the habit of reading as that will provide an exposure to multitude of ideas which is very much required in the modern world.

The session ended with the core message of pushing ourselves beyond our limits and seeking God’s help in whatever we do.

Reported by: Pramanik Soni, Pranesh Patel (12th Commerce)