Children have a tremendous potential that needs to be unlocked. Adequate cognitive thinking, sufficient exposure of practical knowledge and intrapersonal skills have given a new lease of hope to the current system of education, where students are provided ample of avenues to explore their inherent strengths. So that each one can set a benchmark taking his journey from “I can’t” to “I can”.

As soon as children find something that interests them they overcome their instability & learn to concentrate. Dr. Maria Montessori

To assist the students to identify their interest(s), Atmiya Vidya Mandir teachers have taken the approach of multiple intelligence based activities. So, to develop multitalented skills and learning ability, the Visual Spatial Competition was engineered. It was categorised into 4 groups, depending upon the age level of the students. So that each one can get a chance to compete fairly.

Students of classes 7 & 8 were made to visualise the 3D image with different angles and lines. They were given five A4 sheets having one question on each of the papers. The question had 2D picture along with the four 3D images as options. The activity was divided into 2 stages.

  • In stage one, students were to visualise the 2D picture into a 3D image and had to circle the answer.
  • In the second stage, students had to cut picture to make a 3D model and tick the correct option.

Teachers recorded their answers after every stage. The point system – every team had to answer 10 questions. 1 point for each correct answer.

For students of classes 9 & 10, it was all about ‘Treasure Hunt’. Students were given a clue in the beginning of the game, and later on they had to follow the chain to reach their final destination on the school campus. The participants of the house who reached first at the destination point, was considered the winner. Pleasant smile, spiritual heart, atmiya approach, indomitable spirit and ingenious brain were shaped while striving for success in the treasure hunt event.

Learning is a constant and continuous process. The Visual Spatial Competition also helped students to become inter-dependent, learn to compete with each other in a robust way. They learnt to perceive individual accountability and personal responsibility to achieve the group’s goal. Holistic development of every child is at the core of Atmiya Vidya Mandir. Where a child not only strives to flourish in academic excellence but also in non-academic domains. So that the child can withstand even in the most turbulent phase in his life with great valour.

Written by: Samidh Ma’am