AAM 2010 – Day 3 – Runners made giant stride or they threw the fatigue away!!!

For a sports fan of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, it is truly blissful to be a part of the 7th Annual Athletic Meet 2010. Though, everybody experienced all-consuming passion not to miss the variety of action on display, it was difficult to enjoy and focus on any one event. What a feast on offer!

It was the third day of the sports bonanza. It started with prayers and pujan of Thakorji. Saturday morning, the deceptively pleasant early morning breeze gave way to the scorching heat. Soon the escorting group Harsh Ambaliya, Piyush Sarda, Harsh Vaghela, Himanshu Patel, Love Patel, Vishvajit Solanki, Abhishek Ariwala and Abhishek D Patel assisted the chief guest to the dais. The Chief Guest of the day was Retired Lieutenant  Gajendrakumar Srivastav who has served the Indian Defense Forces (Army and Navy) for more than two decades and also is the grandson of the first President of India – Shri Rajendraprasad! His speech was highly inspiring for all present and students made the most of this opportunity to interact with him.

As the day wore on, the enthusiasm of the spectators on the other side of the field could clearly be seen. The groups of young sports enthusiasts and teachers clapped and danced for the winners and participants, the tiny tots of I, II and III hopped and tapped zestfully to the music much like shaking spectators out of their seeming stupor.

All the students along with teachers and hostel staff were bellowing and hooting at the various areas of the huge ground witnessing the participants tossed between losing and winning. The excitement was at its peak, as the shuttle race for juniors started. “Ready? Go!” the participant runs to the other line, picks up a block and returns to place it behind the starting line, then returns to pick up the second block, then runs with it back across the line. It was a test of aerobic endurance performed by juniors moving back and forth swiftly.

The other area of the ground was much lively with Ball throw event as the students were employing their glide technique used to generate the efficient and powerful movement where the thrower moves across the throwing circle quickly to develop speed, and with one fluid motion throws the shot, twisting the body at the point of the delivery which usually determines success. Wow! Amazing training given to them by sports teachers! Congrats to Shekhar Sir, Pradeep Sir, Ritesh Sir, Ramakar Sir and all the sports teachers.

Along with the running and jumping events, throwing events complete the Track & Field trifecta. The throwing events were the discus throw, shot put and ball throws. As with many athletic events, the limelight were shot putters and other field competitors toiling in anonymity to win the competitions. It is noteworthy that in this strength event, unlike other competitions, physical fitness and mental force are key ingredients for success and Atmiya Vidya Mandir students displayed their physical and mental coordination very well throughout these events. Besides quickness & power, character traits such as punctuality, teamwork, coach-ability and aggressiveness are inculcated. At the high school level, an average athlete with these qualities can still achieve a relatively high standard of success and this is what the Atmiyan Athletes know!!!

Shouts of encouragement, moans and groans were heard across the length and breadth of the field. The non-participants, teachers, house-masters, didis and everybody present looked with much astonishment coupled with excitement as the athletes of different groups showed a spell of agility, speed and explosiveness. The participants seemed to be indefatigable in their efforts at securing points for their house. In a manner truly commendable, the onlookers kept the fun and frolic go on along with participants.

The winners’ list for day 2 is as follows.

But the last day….. last moment excitement is still to come…Who will be the best athlete?????? Which house will be at the top??????

Hold on!!!!!!!! 

Written by: Seema Madam

AAM 2010 – Day 2 – Zest and Zeal Soaring

The ongoing sports fiesta at Atmiya Vidya Mandir play ground reverberated with lots of booming, hooting and cheering as the students, teachers and hostel staff enjoyed the track and field events of the second day during 7th Annual Athletics Meet 2010.The lime light was, of course, the chief guest who was none other than Dhupli Sir, who was a part of the recently held Commonwealth Games and who has served in Atmiya Vidya Mandir for a few years now.

Attending a track and field meet was altogether a different experience, almost like watching a three-ring circus, with a variety of action happening at the same time.

Sports H.O.D Shekhar Sir along with Kalpesh sir and Ramakar Sir were walking across the ground to ensure smooth happening of all the events. Pranshu Savani and Yathansh Joshi enthralled the crowd with their commentary as they handled the mic very well. Niharika Mam and Manju Mam spiced up the fun and frolic with their witty remarks from the stage.

Team officials and teachers have been allocated their particular groups for the entire meet. Each group has different house members and students competing in each event. The aim of the challenge is to collect points for their respective house and gain School Sports glory.

A very impressive and a spectacular event was the different races. It was the turn of the vaulting group of boys composed of group A to group D respectively running for 50, 100, 200 and 400 mt. race. Runners stride around the track, sometimes sprinting, other times pacing themselves, re-living the excitement, anticipation and glory started with much zest and zeal.

Another outstanding act was the long-leap that was high jump where Akshay D. Patel and Vishlesh Gondaliya bagged First and Second position.

The student volunteers were ever active wearing orange and green T-shirts with all hues of gaiety and gusto to extend their helping hand in medical, refreshments or ferrying the things across the ground. Hats off to their humble efforts!!!!

Right over the other end of the ground was the temporary office where Rupashree Mam and Jignesh Sir were watching over the participants and students of different house and groups on disciplinary level. Vijay Bhai and Pankaj Bhai were right on their toes to offer any medical help.

In the midst of the ground, Pravartak Sir and Pujeet Bhai were moving their cameras all around to catch the ongoing fervor for digital memories. The camera captured every move that the participant made.

Nothing could fall beyond the purview of the ever alert powerful watch of Bharat Sir, Anand Sir, Prerak Sir, Rashmi Mam, Ritesh Sir and Pradeep Sir who were at the starting and finishing lines of the racing track designated as Technical Expert, Umpire, Referee and Timekeepers.

The pulsating- jazzy music was well blend to the booming and shrieking of the students and teachers cheering the participants. Amazing tunes were played by Hiren Bhai and his group.

The principal Swayam Madam was spotted being one with the junior group of I and II std students. The house conveners of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam houses were much more excited adding much to the excitement among the onlookers.

Combining seven different track and field events the participants, in quick succession, commenced their headlong assault over various track and field events which tests the endurance, strength and all-round ability of the athlete, awarding contestants points in each event for their best performance.

The winners of the second day events are as follows: 
Written by: Seema Madam

7th Annual Athletics Meet 2010 – Day 1 Report

After the long Diwali vacation, the school reopened with a big bang of upcoming 7th Annual Athletic Meet 2010. Along with gearing up for academic activities, Atmiya Vidya Mandir campus is buzzed evoking a lot of passion and fervour to the students.

The various events of this Athletic Meet are scheduled meticulously and programmed very well for four days from 16th December to 19th December 2010. H.D.H. P.P Swamiji says that every student must inculcate in himself the virtue of a true sports person, who does not see the contestants running along but instead concentrates on the finishing line.

“Winning is not everything, but participation and will to win is everything” – with this punch line, the opening ceremony of the 7th Annual Athletic Meet took place on 16th December 2010. The ground was most enthusiastically decorated by putting in untiring efforts for days and nights, literally, by all the sports teachers of the school. Atmiya Vidya Mandir is very fortunate to have a very dedicated and comprehensive team of sports teachers. The team includes Shekhar Sir, Ritesh Sir, Pradip Sir, Kalpesh Sir, Devang Sir, Himanshu Sir, D P Sir, Ramakar Sir, Mehul Sir, Mitesh Sir, Vinod Sir and Hemant Sir. You counted it right, that’s 12 of them!

As the winter sun started dropping in, the students began to group themselves with their house members and team officials in the school cricket ground to participate in 7th annual athletics meet. The programme started with general salute to the chief guests Mr. R M Patel, Deputy Chief Engineer – GEB, Shree Manharbhai, Director – Sugar factory Sarthana, Pujya Fuaji and the elders who presided over the venue. The students escorted the honourable guests onto the stage, Harsh Ambaliya followed by Abhishek Ariwala holding the school flag to the dais. The grand celebration started with pujan of Thakorji by the honourable guests. The meet was thereafter declared open by the chief guest. The school song reverberated around the venue when the school flag was unfurled to mark the official opening of the event.

After this, students put up a spectacular dance performance on the ground demonstrating various national and international games. Their amazing coordination, sense of rhythm and harmony left the viewers awestruck. An important lesson that the students learnt from the experience was to make the best of what life offered to each person. The students also showed utmost discipline and synchronization while taking part in the march past walking along with their respective house group.

The last year’s best athletes were the torchbearers. Aditya Patel (Class 10) ran with the torch and handed it over to Bhavik Patel (Class 10) who passed it on to Akshay Patel (Class 9) followed by Deepak Khatri (Class 8). The torch then passed hands from Deep Chamaria (Class 7) to Parag Algotar (Class 6) to Sarvanaman Patel (Class 5) to Hardik Gajiwala (Class 4) to Shivang Patel (Class 3) and finally to the little champ of last year Smit Vaghela (Class 2). It finally reached back to Aditya who lit the main torch and took the oath along with all the participants. The principal of the school, Swayam Madam delivered the welcome speech and the chief guests were then presented with bouquet by the students of I and II Std. A warm welcome was also offered to Pujya Sahjik Ben and Pujya Saral Ben who had come from Haridham especially for the event.

There was an outstanding presentation of physical fitness through Surya Namaskar by the students of all the groups. Everyone watched with abated breath as boys performed the brilliant and well co-ordinated yoga asanas.

The events of the day were 100 and 200 m race for various groups. These events evoked a lot of passion and fervor among the Atmiyans, with each contestant trying to outdo the other and secure the most priced medal. The intensity and the spirit of the competition could be judged from the excitement of all the house members cheering for their respective house contestants in the race.

The ground reverberated with feverish enthusiasm as the tempo set in with the teachers and the students excitedly cheering them, voicing the spirit of oneness among all till the evening. Finally, the first day of the athletic meet concluded with prize distribution and declaring of the house positions for the day. Shivam House turned out to be the leading house for the day.

The results of the various events of the day are as follows:

Written by: Seema Madam

Inter-House Table Tennis Competition

Competition breeds excellence!
It has been a dream for the Founder of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir: H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj that there be an environment of keen competition and yet true sportsmanship in the school. One could easily witness that dream manifest during the inter-house table tennis competition that took place on the 9-10 July 2010 at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.
The cheering and backing up of the fellow housemates, the anxious shouts of the house teachers, the disappointments due to some bad shots and the excitement due to some shots by the players and overall a very high-energy, thrilling, suspense-packed competition was witnessed in the table tennis court in the basement of the Admin building.
This was the second inter-house competition of the year and turned out to be an awesome clash of the titans, literally!

Satyam House turned out to be the overall winners including both the Junior (Classes 6-7) as well as the Senior (Classes 8-9-10-11) categories.
Jilbhai Patel of Class 7 and Harshbhai Sarda of Class 8 were the champions in the respective categories.
Sundaram House were the runner-up in the competition followed by the Shivam House at the third place and Suhradam House at fourth.
Having said that, actually it was Excellence and the Courage of all the students that won the competition…..and we look forward to many such victories.

Do come along!

Champions: The Surat Inter School Table Tennis Tournament 2009-2010

We feel proud to announce that the under 17 boys team of Atmiya Vidya Mandir won the Surat Inter School Table Tennis Tournament on 23rd Feb 2010 which was organized by Delhi Public School, Surat.

About 20 schools from the area participated in this tournament and the following students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir came out to be the champions of the tournament:

  1. Saurabh Biyani           Std 9th
  2. Anand Kalawadiya       Std 9th
  3. Manav Patel               Std 9th

In the Pre-quarter finals the AVM team beat the team of Ryan International School by 3-0, in the quarter final round we beat the Sanskar Bharti School by 3-2, in the semi-final round we beat Delhi Public School by 3-1 and in the finals we beat Bhulka Vihar School by 3-2.

After winning the championship the team said, that they would not have been successful without the hard work and training provided to them by all the sports teachers at the school and especially Bhaumik Sir who is their table tennis coach.

On behalf of the Atmiya Vidya Mandir family we heartily congratulate the winning team and their coach.

Chak De AVM!

Submitted By:
AVM Sports Teachers