Guru: God Personified

Every nook and corner of AVM campus and every life associated with it, has been flourishing through the ever flowing grace of His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji. Hence, at AVM, Guru Purnima is just not a commemoration of Swamishree’s glory but a day to reunite with His supremacy by offering our prayers to Him.“Swamishree always blesses us with all success and happiness, we just need to be committed and resolute for a good cause and a good goal.” said Suhrad Swamiji while addressing the congregation of Guru Purnima celebration in the Atmiya Prayer Hall on campus. In the presence of all elders, teachers, hostel staff, students and all members of Atmiya family, the programme started with Thakorji’s pujan by saints from Haridham and principal Vijay Sir. The junior class’ students sang melodious bhajans admiring the beauty of a Guru-guided life.


Thereafter, the host of the programme, Mukesh sir narrated a few stories to the students elucidating that the Guru is God manifested and He cultivates the human potentials. The students were reminded that it was the day for them to resolve to those easy-to-follow yet hard-to-stick to injunctions given by Swamishree to all AVM students and to realise that following these will help them to be a better human being.The inspiring and elevating words of Pujya Suhrad Swamiji on this pious occasion explained that the best way of celebrating Guru Purnima and offering true reverence to Swamishree is by self – reflection to be worthy of His blessings. He further added that it is a day to decide to resort to prayers and take divine help each time we deviate from our goal. This would certainly bring a realisation which leads to improvement.

So let’s decide, how we are going to deal with the darkness within us – with the glare of fascinating distractions that obscures OR with the light – the glow of Guru’s grace that illuminates!!!

Prayer-a connecting link between Human and Divine

Prayer is a wonderful experience with GOD. Prayer is a type of e-mail that we send to God. It is a link between God and us. Prayer isn’t just a thanksgiving but also an instrument through which we experience Divinity.

Now the question arises that how to pray. Different religions have their own way of prayer. Muslims pray by keeping their palms open facing to the sky. Christians cross their hands and we Indians join our hands near the chest. Though the ways are different but the intentions are same. All remember and invoke their Gods.

When we pray we have to forget all worldly affairs and problems. We have to visualise God and think about His glory. This is how we pray.

Prayer can be done at any time, but mostly people pray before beginning any task. Prayer is a thing one can do in one’s most difficult times. Prayers are not always offered in the temples. One can pray to God anywhere.

There are many benefits of prayer. If we pray all our sins wash away. When we pray we feel better. We feel as if we are in the abode of God; abode of love, abode of peace.

Prayer is really a wonderful experience being with God. It is the best, easiest and the only way to connect you with God. Please experience!

Written by: Ravi Patel (6th B)

Prayers of Sundaram House turned Heavenward

….…join your hands, close your eyes and start the prayer….chanting of mantra in chorus and the pious arena of magnificent prayer hall resonates with melodious bhajans seeking blessings of the all mighty before the day starts….Prayer is the part and parcel of Atmiya Vidya Mandir’s daily schedule.

In the third week of July 2011, Students and teachers of Sundaram house made a humble effort to explore and explain different aspect of prayer. On Monday, Smit Patel of Std VI A, Nimit Patel of VI B and Sarveshvar of VI B handled the mike very well with anchoring, thought of the day and news for the day respectively. Sundaram House members very well explained ‘Why should we pray’ on this very first day of the week, at the end of the assembly, on behalf all students, Sundaram House prayed to the lord to make every student an obedient child and a good listener. On Tuesday, Abhishek Purohit of VII was the host and Krushan Panchal presented thought of the day. Through a small skit, some students of Std 7th demonstrated the different timings of prayer which are early morning, before study, before meal, in evening and before sleep in the night. It was followed by, Tanmay Patel and Jay Baria chanting and explaining the different prayers to be offered at these timings. Thus, these students gave details about ‘When should we pray’. On this second day of their week, Sundaram House placed a prayer onto the lotus feet of Swamiji to give them good company and friends.

On Wednesday, Students of Std 8th came on the stage to explain yet another aspect of prayer, that is Whom should we pray. On this day, Mukesh Sir, in his speech, talked about grandeur and unconditional love of God. Once again, on behalf of all the students, Sundaram House offered a prayer to the lord to make every student ‘a focused reader’. The following day, Thursday, Students of Std 9th made an attempt to give you an idea about ‘How should we pray’. Everybody watched a video clip in which Swamishree Himself explained the significance of prayer for students. Students were benefitted by Swamishree’s divine words and resolved to pray before and after studies. At the end, students placed a prayer onto the lotus feet of Swamiji to make them ‘His Bhoolku’ (God’s choicest child).On Friday, students were showed a presentation to show the universal acceptance of Prayer as a medium to get connected with the Supreme. On this second last day of the week, Binu Madam told the students about yet another aspect of prayer that is ‘What should we pray’ .Last but not the least, on this day, Sundaram house prayed the Lord to ‘keep everybody at peace’.

Thus in this week, during morning assemblies, students of Sundaram House uncovered many facets of Prayer.
Through the soft board, Sundaram House displayed benefit and power of prayer. The illustrative material referred to the experiences of historical personalities about effects and impact of instant prayer. It was loud and clear through the facts and research work of students that ‘when everything else fails, prayer works’ as these finding were displayed on the soft board showing the scientifically proved beneficial effects of prayers.

The creative assembly on Saturday incredibly portrayed the transformation and positive change prayer can bring in a student’s life. The junior group presented a dance at the same time senior group, through a drama, evidently proved the prayer as an unavoidable part of student life. The students conveyed the message that no prayer goes unheard, sooner or later God does answer our prayer by blessing us with something which can bring us happiness and peace. The drama was based on P.P Swamiji’s praying habits which explained what a student should ask for… in his prayers; similarly, God might not give us exactly what we have asked for but it is sure that God gives us more and better than what we have prayed for. In this way, Sundaram House members assured the students that prayer is a medium to communion with The Supreme which keeps the mind free from anxiety and worries.

I think, by now, the heaven must be flooded with the prayers of AVM students!!!!!!!!!!