At AVM, along with academics, we get involved in many other cultural activities with great fervour. Especially, all the festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

This year, we celebrated the festival of Janmashtami on the evening of 3rd September 2018. Everyone gathered in the prayer hall for a ‘Kirtan Sandhya’. It began with the juniors singing devotional songs about the glory of Shri Krishna that created a spiritually surcharged atmosphere, almost everything taking on a devotional hue. The next performance was by the seniors. They too sung gracefully. Now, the moment for which everyone was waiting arrived. Our music teacher, Himanshu Sir took the mic in his hands and serenaded the bhajans. The audience was totally rapt in hearing him. Frankly, it was a memorable event by the music and instrument team.

Two days later, on the evening of 5th September, the ‘matki-phod’ (dahi handi) event was organised in which, grades 4 to 12 participated to make human pyramids to reach the high pot filled with yoghurt, fruits and chocolates. Many students bravely participated with great zeal. With Lord Krishna’s name chant going on, the weight of the pyramid did not seem a burden to all. With pounding hearts, nervous sweats, wobbly knees, shaky hands, but great strength and coordination, all the pots were reached and broken. Moreover, not even a single student was injured due to the constant supervision and great support of our Sports team.

Truly, it was a divine and sacred experience for all of us!

Harshil Patel (Class 10)