Someone has rightly said:

“Being a teacher is a privilege

but having one is truly a blessing”

In one’s mind, question may arise, how being a teacher is a privilege? And also having one, truly a blessing?

Well, for the first one, a tiny tale at your doorstep:

Architects made houses,

Scientists made discoveries,

Poet made poetries,

But you made them all.

A teacher is an instrument of God who unearths our latent potential and transforms us into architects, poets, and contributing members of the society.

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, Teachers’ Day celebration is also known as “Samarpan, a tribute to those who light the way for others”. This is a sincere tribute to the dedication and devotion of our beloved teachers.

This year’s Teachers’ Day celebration was unique in two ways. It is because this year, almost the entire student community had the privilege of making the cards of our dedicated teachers ourselves. However, the second reason is more prominent as to why this year’s Teachers’ Day celebration was unique. It is because we all students made a small promise of our own to our teachers, which we would not “try”, but thrive, to follow sincerely. In addition to it, all the students of classes I to XII took an oath of calling each other with “Bhai” and addressing everyone with “તમે”.

This year, the students of classes VII to XII had the privilege to make the cards of the teachers themselves. All the students showed complete dedication and tremendous enthusiasm towards making the cards.

Finally, after 12 days of preparation with great enthusiasm and excitement, the Teachers’ Day finally arrived.

The function of Teachers’ Day embarked with the poojan of Shri Thakorji done by Vijay Sir and other guests.

Well…well…well… This year we celebrated Teachers’ Day as north star seekers and so…

What is a North Star?

Have you ever wondered about it apart from the Wikipedia meaning? The northern star symbolises our goal in life which we always strive to achieve, but we don’t know how to navigate towards it. This role is played by our zealous teachers who help us to traverse the journey of achieving our goals. They guide us through this arduous path, shape our character, ignite our imagination and instil the love of learning in us.

Moving forward in the carnival, there was a small act of humour by a doctor and patient followed with a euphonious song ‘In this moment’ sung by students of class 11.

All of us know that to build a skyscraper, it is indispensable to build a solid base. On similar lines, to build a concrete base, primary teachers and didis have played a pivotal role in that. So Jeetbhai (Class 4) and Abhaybhai (Class 5) innocently offered a heartfelt tribute to them for their extreme devotion and care.

Following this, the Tiny Tots of class 2 presented an adorable dance on the song ‘Tarkeebein’.

Thereafter, Kavibhai from Class 7 gave another tribute to all the teachers for their selfless love in our journey of learning and growing. After Kavibhai’s marvellous tribute, it was time to present the specially made card to our principal Vijay Sir. Him and our administrator, Pujya Natuda are the ones who act as the wind beneath our wings and give us the push to fly higher and higher in the sky.

Following the presentation of card of Vijay Sir, there was a second act about an interview for a job. This funny act then took us to the third tribute given by Harshilbhai of 10th standard, about our teachers’ patience and cool temperament while listening to each and every student. Praising him, the host started babbling about in highly proficient English which led to the third act in which Taarakbhai entertained the audience with his funny gujlish. Later, Manish Sir and his dance team came up to inflame the stage with a marvellous drama – dance fusion. Final tribute was given by Smitbhai Lad from Std 12 about the very important role of a guide played by our teachers in our life.

The function then continued but was again interrupted by Kaka (Shivangbhai of 11 Science) who entertained everyone by his comedy and humorous way of talking. Following it was a video tribute from the AVM Class of 2018 who expressed their love and gratitude towards teachers.

Finally, there was Vijay Sir’s speech. He commended the grade 11 students to have executed such an awesome function. Going on, he said that achieving 80% in life is possible with hard work, but to go above that, we need blessings.

This Teachers’ Day was unique also because it was the first time at AVM that all the students took oath which was their true Samarpan towards their teachers, especially Swamishree. We pledged that “we will call each and every one as bhai and will speak with each other with respect.”

And hence ended the function of the great celebration of Teachers’ Day.

After function

As the function got over, it was time to present gifts and cards to all the teachers and mentors. All the Sports teachers were presented with cards and gifts in the hall itself by the students who had themselves lovingly prepared their cards.

Then the students went on to present cards to their dearest teachers and the school administration staff.

Finally, the grand celebration came to an end with lots of fun, enjoyment and immeasurable happiness.


Reported by: Shivang Patel, Krishi Bhojani, Niramay V Patel, Niramay A Patel, Rushay Modi, Param Dubey, Madhuraj Modi (Class 11)