One of the most exciting inter-house competitions at AVM, Basketball, which is considered the second fastest game, was held on 16th, 17th and 18th August 2018. It was truly a fascinating event.

Schedule of the competition:

Date Day Sub–Junior (Std 4 to 6) Junior (Std 7 & 8) Senior (Std 9 to 11)
16-08-2018 Thursday Satyam vs. Suhradam Sundaram vs. Satyam Satyam vs. Suhradam
Sundaram vs. Shivam Suhradam vs. Shivam Shivam vs. Sundaram
17-08-2018 Friday Third place Third place Third place
18-08-2018 Saturday Final Final Final

On 16th August, all the league knockout matches were played. In the youngest age category, the clashes were between Suhradam against Satyam House and Sundaram against Shivam House. All of them were determined to reach the finals. Luckily, Suhradam House and Shivam House secured their places in the finals.

The juniors too were not less. In their group, the first face-off was between Sundaram House and Satyam House. Both of these were highly talented teams. But with the perfect combination of Parmeshbhai and Priyanshbhai, Sundaram House reached the finals with a close win. The second match between Shivam and Suhradam House was equally competitive. But, Suhradam House turned out to be victorious.

The seniors were a different story all together. All of the teams had great talent and were equally competitive. The first match was played between the blues and the greens. Though Shivam House took a lead in the first half, Sundaram House sprang back with confidence and gave a tough fight. At the end, Shivam House clinched the victory with a narrow margin. The second match was between Satyam House and Suhradam House. The lead by Satyam House was almost nil throughout the match but luck eventually favoured Satyam House.

On 17th August, the third-place matches were played. In the sub-junior group, Satyam House took over Sundaram House to finish at the third place with a score of 9-5. In the junior group, Satyam House played against Shivam House in which the former dominated Shivam House throughout the game to mark third place on their name with the scoreboard saying 27-08. In the senior group, the match was between Sundaram House and Suhradam House in which the greens turned out to be victorious with a score of 22-10.

18th August was the last and most exciting day of the competition as the finals were to be played that day. To begin with the sub-juniors, the finals were played between Suhradam House and Shivam House in which Suhradam House took on the first place due to valuable contributions by Sudarshanbhai and Ashishbhai by 23-04.

In the junior group, the clash was between Sundaram House and Suhradam House. It was a close match but the 3-point accuracy of Parmeshbhai did not stop Sundaram House from winning with a close score of 27-20.

Among the seniors, the match was played between Satyam House and Shivam House. It was an interesting match because it was to be played under lights and it was a face-off between teams of the school Sports Captain and the Head Boy. But luck favoured the Satyam House team. They won it with great spirit with a score of 22-09.

The overall standings were as follows:

House Sub-Junior Junior Senior Total Position
Satyam 6 6 10 22 1st
Shivam 8 4 8 20 2nd
Sundaram 4 10 6 20 2nd
Suhradam 10 8 4 22 1st

Indeed, it was a memorable event for all of us. Congratulations to the Sports team too!

Written by: Harshil Patel, Yash Shah (Class 10)