The purpose of any kind of intelligence is to make our life easier. Intelligence is to use what we know in the right way with the right intention. Spiritual Intelligence refers the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining both inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation. A child’s character is shaped by parents, peers, television, music, and other external sources. AVM is putting in sincere efforts to bring about every child’s overall development. Through various activities such as Spiritual Intelligence Competition, AVM students get value-based learning to live a balanced life by keeping their five senses positive. With the grace of His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasadswamiji Maharaj, AVM students are on the journey of attaining the Union of Body, Mind and Soul.

What is the importance of Spiritual Education in life?

The very purpose of education it is to increase awareness in each and every aspect of life. One needs to have an absolute understanding to grow both materially and spiritually. Material growth leads to comfortable survival; but to attain inner peace, deep satisfaction and happiness, one needs to understand the spiritual dimension of life which is beyond the physical identity of oneself.

Due to the ignorance of the ‘True Self’ and its original qualities like love, peace, joy and bliss, even the scholars suffer. Intelligen­ce may create false identities with possessions, talents, wealth, beauty and strength. These are the aspects of our worldly existence. True wisdom can only be achieved by Bhakti (devotion to God) and Satsang (company of Satpurush). Lord Shri Swaminarayan explained:

गुणिनां गुणवत्ताया ज्ञेयं ह्येतत् परं फलम् ।
कृष्णे भक्तिश्च सत्सङ्गोऽन्यथा यान्ति विदोऽप्यधः ॥

(Shikshapatri Shlok 114)

This means that the true purpose of the scholars should only be to offer devotion to the Lord and to have the good company of His devotees. Without these two goals, even the most learned person is bound to fail. At AVM, students are encouraged to do swadhyay-bhajan on a daily basis to introspect and to live a harmonious life.

On 18th August 2018, the Spiritual Intelligence Competition was conducted in our school, in which, students of grades 1 to 10 participated in various activities.

  • Grades-1 to 3 expressed their creative skills by identifying the role of different animals in ecosystem. Further they explained the qualities of animals and what we can learn from them.
  • Grades 4 to 6 were given topics like ભક્તિ, સરળતા, સંપ, સુહૃદભાવ to prepare and perform a small skit to explain these topics.
  • Students of Grades 7 to 10 were given a theme to describe values from ગુણાતીતાનંદ સ્વામીની વાતો. There was a separate competition for students of Grades 7-8 and Grades 9-10. There were four students in each team, per house. They were given three ગુણાતીતાનંદ સ્વામીની વાતો and they were supposed to explain how they can apply it into their daily life. They were given the task to identify best two situations where they can implement their learning from these “વાતો in their daily routine. After an hour of brainstorming and soul searching, all the house participants came up with a few real-life situations in which they could act according to those વાતો. At the end, as a team they presented those situations very nicely.

It was wonderful experience to witness the budding learners with such spiritual understanding. The house wise winner’s positions are as follows:

Grade 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1 to 3 Satyam House and Suhradam House Sundaram House Shivam House
4 to 6 Satyam House Sundaram House Shivam House
7 & 8 Shivam House Sundaram House Suhradam House
9 & 10 Suhradam House Satyam House Sundaram House

The secret of success and happiness is inside us. If we only find success and prosperity outside, but not within, we would not be truly successful.

Written by: Alpa Ma’am