In the eventful evening of our 72nd Independence Day, the Atmiyans experienced an excitingly surcharged atmosphere, almost everything took on a joyous hue. Little did they know about the fun filled fun fair that awaited them.

The zealous 10th graders ran around the campus to collect things together and arrange for this fun fair. Under the masterly guidance of Pujeetbhai and Ritesh Sir, they laid out the stalls and decorations, making the football ground almost unrecognizable. It had been transformed into a majestic and jovial location full of stalls and games.

In the evening, the whole AVM family came together to have ‘Anand’ and make the fair a memorable one. As the fair began, everyone erupted with brimming enthusiasm, especially the younger brothers. They had five games and a huge Mickey Mouse bouncy house to satisfy their adventurous dispositions. On the other hand, the senior brothers had several different games of different challenges that rewarded only the smartest and the cleverest players.

To add to the burgeoning excitement, the 10th grade volunteers ensured that there was a continuous supply of snacks and variety of food items during the entire event. The music in the backdrop excited everyone limitlessly.

Eventually, as the sun set to sink down and the big lights illuminated the arena, the dinner was served. Nothing could have better matched the stellar event than the tantalizing cheese dosa.

The scent of such joyous events electrifies the atmosphere and rejuvenate the enthusiasm of the students.

Written by: Jagrat Sandesara, Jenil Padsala, Manan Mehta (Class 10)