Jai Hind! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

These phrases echoed in everyone’s heart this day as it was not an ordinary day. It was the 72nd Independence Day of the world’s largest democracy and God’s own country, India.

On the refreshing morning of 15 August 2018, we assembled in front of the administrative building for the flag hoisting ceremony as per the tradition of AVM. Everyone was rapt with bubbling excitement. It was a patriotically surcharged atmosphere, almost everything took on devotional and nationalistic hue. At the beginning of the celebration, we got the opportunity to welcome honourable Rupenbhai Pachchigar and Bhagirathbhai Patel as our chief guests.

Followed by the welcome of the guests, it was the most enchanting time to hoist our national flag and feel pride. Our school’s principal, Vijay Sir, hoisted the flag and we honoured it with our salutes. Proceeding further, we sang the flag song and “Vande Mataram” and our hearts remembering the brave martyrs who laid their lives for our nation.

After the jingoistic songs, honourable Rupenbhai Pachchigar inspired us with his speech in which he urged us to do our best for the country where God resides. Concluding the programme, we devotionally sang the national anthem.

The verve and atmosphere of patriotism and love for the country grew stronger with the celebration as we watched a short film “Chalo Jeete Hain” in which the protagonist (a character inspired from the life of Shri Narendra Modi) strives to live for other people. He helps a friend to attend school by earning through acting in plays and buying him a school uniform. Everyone was truly inspired by the film.

Later, the excited juniors from grades 1 to 6 journeyed their way to their classes to participate in the Art Competition. Easily surmisable, the theme was “Patriotism”. All the juniors painted their thoughts and creativity with their unrestricted hands and innocent minds. Frankly, their patriotism motivated all the teachers and seniors. The best of the paintings were displayed on the cluster softboards.

There is no atom of hyperbole in saying that everyone of us took a dive into the sea of nationalism and paid our obeisance to Mother India.

Written by: Harshil Patel, Harsh Hingu, Dhrumil Patel (Class 10)