It was on 12th August that a very special guest visited our school. A senior scientist at the National Chemical Laboratory of India, a DAAD Research Ambassador, one of the pioneers of IISERs, a committee member of the KVPY exams and who was recently honoured by the German government with the prestigious Cross of Merit, Professor Natu’s presence at AVM was a great, immensely rare learning opportunity for us. And a golden glimmer was added to it when the students of classes 10 to 12 had the chance to interact with him. Thanks a lot to Dr. Yogenbhai Talia and Dr. Kalpeshbhai Patel of Surat, that this became a reality for us!

His very humble voice and body language despite such a successful career was exemplary for all. It took him no efforts to interact at our level, and his smart and precise understanding of research, science and careers for life was a great guidance for all. He gave us a very lucid, new outlook of research. Research doesn’t require one to be a scientist, rather, only keen observations of mother nature and their applications in real life by asking the questions – ‘why, what, how!’ The examples of self-effacing Roentgen, butterflies’ wings used for designing sunglare screens and the selfless discoverer of velcro were awe-strucking.

Thus, with a very new perspective of research, science and selfless work for the country, we all were given a new vision for life!

Thanks a lot Prof Natu, Dr. Yogenbhai Talia and Dr. Kalpeshbhai Patel.

Written by: Taarak Trivedi (Class 11 Science)