Fortunate are those who have the association of Guru in this age, where people are engaged in just satisfying their endless desires and needs. And most fortunate are those who have the power and understanding to accept Guru’s suggestions and guidance in their life. Shree Tulsidasji has expounded the inevitable need of Guru in one’s life through many different verses (chaupai) in Ramcharitmanas.

बंदउ गुरु पद पदुम परागा। सुरुचि सुबास सरस अनुरागा।।

गुरु पद रज मृदु मंजुल अंजन। नयन अमिअ दृग दोष बिभंजन॥

 श्रीगुर पद नख मनि गन जोती। सुमिरत दिब्य द्रृष्टि हियँ होती।।

Thus, if someone is able to filter the input of eyes and output of tongue, he is wise in real sense. And it is only possible through blessings of a Guru. All the fortunate students, the bhoolkus, had congregated in the school prayer hall to celebrate the blissful occasion of Guru Purnima in Atmiya Vidya Mandir at 5:30 p.m. on 27th July 2018.

God showered His blessings through the divine presence of saints. Pujya Guruprasadswamiji, Pujya Tirthswamiji, Pujya Priyadarshanswamiji and Pujya Niravswamiji were here to bless all the bhoolkus on this most auspicious of all festivals.  The elders of the school and all the students of the atmiya family experienced the bliss of company of saints. Students from Std 1-6 first presented a short skit on the Guru-Shishya parampara in our rich cultural heritage. A beautiful prayer in the form of a kirtan was also sung by the young students after being trained by Himanshu Sir. Prabhumagna Sir was the host of the event. He put forth the importance of the day very devotionally to all present in the hall. Thereafter, Guruprasadswamiji emphasized on two concepts in his discourse, through different prasangs.

First, he emphasized the importance of Guru in our life, especially in the youth phase of our life. Youth, where abundant energy is adrift. If this flow of energy is not channelized, it may flow in the wrong direction, and one may get trapped in a miserable situation. If someone gets trapped into such a situation, then he may hesitate to approach his Guru. But if one approaches the Guru without hesitation even in such critical situations, very certainly, the Guru will find the solution with the help of God and keep us on right track.

Second point that was emphasised by Guruprasadswamiji, was of keeping good friends in life. He said there are good friends who will tell us about the righteous path of life, but such friends are rare who will suppress our speed towards negative aspects in life.

The celebration was concluded with poojan. All the students from grades one to twelve, and the staff members, offered their poojan to Thakorji, by offering their poojan and prayers to saints.

Written by: Anand Sir