Atmiya Vidya Mandir, a blessing of His Divine Holiness Hariprasadswamiji Maharaj to mankind, is almost always filled with the presence of saints. And to add much more to such an incredible fortune, like every year, Swamishree visited AVM on 19th February 2019.

When the news of His arrival reached AVM’s student network, all the students were extremely delighted and filled with bliss. Students of grades 1-6 had already started to prepare cards with prayers and innocent appeals to offer to Swamishree.

On the night of sabha, there was an aura of divinity spread across the school’s prayer hall. Dressed in the school attire, students sat patiently for Swamishree’s arrival. In the meantime, Prabhudarshan Sir encouraged the students to not have any hesitation in giving energetic and active responses to Swamishree’s questions.

Afterwards, Paramrut Sir conveyed to the students about having such a great fortunate to have Swamishree’s darshan and blessings so conveniently. He explained this using a short clip from Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav 2015. He appealed to all students to strive to make the most out of this unique opportunity.

Upon Guruhari Swamishree’s arrival, the entire prayer hall was flooded with His divine smiles and presence. The English Alphabet isn’t enough to express the experience and emotions of the teachers and students witnessing the moment. Our 12th standard brothers were already positioned on the stage for their group photo memory to be taken with Swamishree.

Pujya Suhradswamiji pointed out to Swamishree the heartfelt and creative decoration of the stage. Slogans of “અમે તમારા” and “તમે અમારા” adorned the stage.

The sabha started by invoking God’s blessings with the poojan of Thakorji.

Then the students of grades 3-4 performed a gymnastic show that won quite a many smiles and appreciation and cheering from Swamishree.

Adding to that, one of our Std 12 brothers, Sankalpbhai, offered earnest prayers to Swamiji on behalf of entire class 12. He seeked blessings for strength to help them stay focussed and sincere in this wildly distracting world.

Furthermore, Paramrut Sir shared a small incident of atmiyata portrayed by the mighty tiny tots of AVM. During one of the trips arranged for the junior students, Pujya Suhradswamiji had come to see them off. The students asked Suhradswamiji to pray for them so that they can become more atmiya amidst the cheerful trip they were about to embark on. Listening to this, Swamishree had tears of happiness in His eyes. Two junior students were then called upon to offer their prayers.

Then came the moment everyone awaited, blessings of Swamishree! He started saying that:

3 વાત કહેવી છે:

  1. ભગવાનને સંભારીને સવારે પૂજા કરવી
  2. માં બાપની સેવા કરવી
  3. દરેકની સાથે મીઠાશથી, ભક્તિથી, ગરીબાઈથી, પ્રેમથી વાતો કરવી, પણ તું કારી ને કોઈ ની સાથે બોલવું નહિ

During His blessings, He emphasised on:

  • સંતો સાથે મૈત્રી જેના ફળસ્વરૂપે આપણે સૌ સુખિયા થાશું
  • ભગવાનની મૂર્તિનું સુખ અનંતગણું છે, ICE CREAM નું સુખ ફીકું લાગે
  • આપણને 6 રોગ વળગ્યા છે – હઠ, મન, ઈર્ષ્યા, કામ, ક્રોધ, લોભ

He suggested all the students to attend the Atmiya Mahotsav that is celebrated every year at Haridham in order to gain positive inputs and food for thought to lead a life full of harmony.

Ending His pravachan and leaving the sabha, He waved at everyone and conveyed His parting “Jai Swaminarayan”.

Throughout His entire life, Swamishree has worked relentlessly to instill the quality of atmiyata in all that come in His association and He has worked extremely hard for the same purpose at AVM. He has gifted AVM with dedicated teachers who strive to please Him every moment of their lives. He has spent unconditional efforts and hours behind His heart – AVM!

Reported by: Geetgaurav Joshi (Class 11 Commerce)