It was owing to Krishna’s force that Arjun could win the Mahabharat against an unimaginably large and strong army of the Kauravs.

It was Ramdas’s guidance due to which Shivaji emerged victorious in the various encounters and near-death situations during his various battles.

It was Ramkrishna Paramhans’s direction that Swami Vivekanand acquired the blessings to be able to promote Hinduism and it’s universal principles at a global level.

It was Gautam Buddh’s teachings through which King Ashok gained the wisdom and wit to lead one of the largest, most peaceful and tolerant kingdoms in the world, and acquired inner peace of mind and soul.

History of the Indian society is testimony to the irreplaceable importance of Guru in our lives and human existence.

Even in the contemporary world, when ethics and morals are dying in the hands of unstable, distracted and insecure youth, His Divine Holiness GuruHari Hariprasadswamiji Maharaj’s unconditional and encompassing love empowers thousands of youths to live life free from all vices and immorality.

It is His magnanimity and guidance that encourages youths to spend a part of their weekend in a Sabha hall rather than loiter around in a theatre. It is Swamishree’s flawless and ideal life that inspires youths in the 21st century to trump over their temptations and do what is right and discerning.

There is no measure to acknowledge and reciprocate GuruHari’s grace and love towards us. Even so, to offer and extend gratitude and prayers to GuruHari Swamishree, Guru Purnima Utsav was held at Atmiya Vidya Mandir – an educational institution founded and initiated by Swamishree with the aim and mission of gifting academically competitive, spiritually strong and physically robust individuals to the society. On this auspicious day of 16th July 2019, students, teachers and all members of AVM family gathered to celebrate Guru Purnima Utsav in the school’s prayer hall.

This splendid celebration started with welcoming the venerable saints from Haridham. Thereafter the dignitaries were called for offering garland to the deities and invoking God’s blessings for the smooth proceeding of the programme. Afterwards, students of junior classes presented a dance drama through which they explained that the spiritual journey of the soul starts with resolving to live a life of divinity. This was followed by garlanding and offering bouquet to distinguished guests and revered saints. The next attraction of the event was melodious singing of a bhajan by the choir group from junior classes, in the praise, glory and splendour of GuruHari Swamishree.

Whether it is celebration of any festival or eventful day of some other occasion, Atmiya Vidya Mandir is that noble place which has been sanctified by frequent visits of revered saints. Since it was the most significant and momentous day of Guru Purnima, there was the presence of saints who exemplify ways to live a life adhering to the sandwich technique of sincere hard work, earnest prayers and company of good friends. The temple arena was occupied by devoted souls with a realisation of GuruHari Swamishree’s grace and blessings and a sense of gratitude towards Him. The devout fervour was at its peak when Pujya Chintanswamiji and Pujya Harisharanswamiji were invited to motivate the students with their inspiring words. They enlightened the students by explaining that the solution of all problems lies in respecting and accepting everyone unconditionally i.e.- ‘Atmiyata’. Thus, students were taught to keep a positive attitude towards everybody and everything and always look for the brighter side of the situation.

Thus, this programme ended but a new resolution to live a positive life began, the revered saints  left the venue but their teachings remained, the event was over but the celebration continued, the day went by but the feeling of obeisance and gratitude for GuruHari Swamishree stays on in our hearts; hence every day is the day to surrender and dedicate our life in the hands of our Guru… because – He loves, He cares, He guides; but above all, He knows what’s the best for our soul, not just for our life. The very presence of GuruHari Swamishree in our hearts is enough to dispel all our woes and worries.

Who fears darkness when bright sun is there to dispel it,

Who fears fiery flame when Cool Ocean is there to calm it,

Who fears bitter grief when pure joy is there to subside it,

Who fears earthly pain when Guru’s love is there to relieve it!

Seema Ma’am