The five chosen leaders from AVM were there at Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya . . .

Registering their names . . .

Having a grand welcome with bands . . .

Being escorted to a big decorated auditorium . . .

Yes! It was a Leadership Training Camp time . . .

It was a proud moment for AVM as five of its Student Council members – the four house captains -Shaswatbhai Patel, Ombhai Patel, Nirmanbhai Jaiswal, Vishnubhai Desai and the Head Boy Harshilbhai Patel – got an opportunity to attend the two-day leadership camp organised by the M. R. Pai Foundation with the assistance of Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya. M. R. Pai foundation is a notable organisation that organises these kind of personality development programmes every year. Thanks to them, many youngsters across India are made aware of their goals and are inspired to become ideal leaders in their lives. Along with the representatives of our school, many other schools, including Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya, had sent their student leaders to participate in the camp. These young and hardy souls were determined to develop the qualities of a true leader, shape their destinies and become perpetual learners in their lives.

The program began with a melodious prayer ‘Maru Jivan Anjali Thajo’ followed by a welcome dance. Next came the speeches of the principal A. K. Gaur Sir and introduction speeches by the trainers. The energetic young leaders were split up into two groups under the able guidance of unrelenting trainers Sachin Kamath Sir and Rukmani Ma’am. The students enjoyed learning about various aspects related to leadership. The sessions held are as follows:

  1. GOAL CLARITY: A lot more important than the conventional subjects, it enlightened the young aspirants about the first step towards success i.e. achieving clarity of goal.
  2. STUDY SMART: This session induced the teenage brains with some highly useful techniques to study smart involving a simple yet sophisticated alphabet game.
  3. Power of Habits: The students learnt how to develop proper habits to become an ideal leader.
  4. Effective Communication and
  5. Coming together

These two sessions were interlinked as no team can be formed without the effective communication between the leader and the team members.

  1. Understanding each other: It involved knowing each other’s life and their dreams, their nature, their spirit and their habits. It helped the leaders build great relationships.

Each session lasted for a minimum of an hour, but the amazing explanations given by the trainers coupled with their humorous nature were captivating enough to conquer the boredom of the students. Moreover, there were many other fun-filled meaningful activities to break the monotonous learning.

Finally, at the end of second day, the camp concluded with a farewell programme. The programme was indeed successful in igniting the many young, aspiring minds to march on their way towards a bright future.

Reported by: Om Patel, Nirman Jaiswal (Class 10)