“Teachers must give precedence to connection over content” These were the words of wisdom delivered by our devoted and dedicated principal Dr. Vijay Patel in his speech during the Teachers’ Day celebration at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. He also emphasized on ‘Love rules the world’, the vision of the divine founder of our school, Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj. This quote is a life lesson for every single person on our campus, including the teachers and mentors. Param Pujya Swamishree not only hand-picked loving, passionate and ideal teachers for us, but also all the students who are privileged to study in this school are chosen ones as well. This further assures us that each and every person in AVM is the most fortunate person to be part of this institution.

As a token of respect and gratitude, all the students offered tribute to their teachers by letting the teachers have their well-deserved day off and taking their role and teaching their peers and juniors on this day. The student-teachers who were assigned the task of teaching on this occasion were very excited as they had made preparations in advance for this task. This was a very new and fun-filled experience for the one-day tenure student-teachers and the supervising (original) teachers.

Being student-teachers was not enough in comparison to what our beloved teachers have done for us. So, to express our gratitude further, the tenth graders organised a very unique celebration on behalf of all the students of AVM. The celebration was devotedly titled as ‘SAMARPAN’. Samarpan means dedication and devotion of teachers towards their students. This feeling strengthens the bond between students and teachers. As a part of the celebration and as a mark of respect, the tenth graders creatively decorated the venue of the event, the school prayer hall and they also made a track strewn with flowers which led their teachers towards the stage.

The programme started with His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji’s video darshan in which He shared His vision for the students of this generation. His mission for AVM is to mould the characters of the students at AVM such that they would be able to leave a mark and be the torch-bearers for the people around them. These students will be physically robust and academically unparalleled. There was a replica of this process presented through an exhibit of clay mouldings; starting as a soft clay soil, being shaped and moulded into an artistic piece. The students of different grades expressed and revealed their feelings of gratitude with great enthusiasm in the form of poems and paragraphs. They showed true feelings of their heart for their beloved teachers. These feelings were presented through a beautifully created video clip during this function.

A very heartfelt and melodious song was sung on this special occasion by the budding singers of AVM, who were trained by Himanshu Sir and Jaimin Sir. The lyrics of the song were ‘Teachers se pyaara duniya mein nahi koi’.

Last but not the least, AVM students also remembered to thank those who manage and take care of the school campus and who make AVM feels like a home away from home. The students of grade tenth diligently prepared special cards for dearest principal Vijay Sir and our respected elders, Pujya Natuda and Nandlal Kaka. Additionally, special and beautiful bouquets were presented to the trustees and other guests who graced the occasion with their presence. Thus, this celebration left a mark in the memory of all the teachers who are and have always been special to help them stand apart and rise in the crowd of this contemporary world.

Written by: Niramay Amin, Romit Gautam (Grade 10)

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