India is known as a land of festivals and celebrations and one of the most popular Hindu festivals is Dussehra. Like every year, this year too, this festival was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in AVM on 11th October 2016 on the basketball court in the evening.

According to the Hindu epic Ramayan, Lord Ram, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, killed the ten-headed demon Ravan in Satyug. Since ages, Dussehra is celebrated to please the almighty. It is an auspicious day and is celebrated by people of India to symbolize the victory of good over evil.

On this occasion, the colourful and ten-headed tall effigy of Ravan was stuffed with crackers and was erected by our skilled and expert sports team. In the evening, the distinguished guests, along with our honourable Principal, Dr. Vijay Patel with the students and members of AVM family witnessed the programme. The celebration started with the poojan of Thakorji by Principal Sir and guests. He enlightened us about the significance of this day and spoke about the ten heads of Ravan, which symbolise the ten different bad habits or wrong intentions/evil effects. These habits always surround us and at any cost we must get rid of these habits. So, he urged the students to take an oath to overcome all these habits by following the path of truth and honesty and serve the society by maintaining them throughout their life.

Then the effigy was burnt with the help of fiery arrow. The bursting of heart throbbing crackers and vibrant and magnificent colourful sky shooting rockets added extra essence to this celebration. All who were present witnessed and enjoyed the magnificent and colourful fire show in the sky.

So, this festival signifies the victory of good over evil, right over wrong, virtues over vices and also depict immortal love, respect and communal harmony.

-Rabindra Sir