School tours are really memorable not only because they are lively and amazing but because we relive and cherish them over and over. The same was reflected in the school tour organized for students of classes 8th, 9th and 10th in the second week of October. After making ourselves comfortable in the bus, with a glint of happiness, we felt ascending towards the heights of excitement. The music in the bus added toppings to our overflowing joy.

Next day, after our 7-hour journey, when we reached Novotel Imagica, where we were going to lodge, we felt as if we were in heaven. The ambience created by the hotel was highly attractive and refreshing. After being allotted comfy rooms, we had a refreshing bath and headed for breakfast. We all were amazed to see the variety of food at display; it seemed like a wild-goose-chase to eat all the mouth-watering dishes. Then came our meeting with the staff of Imagica. They had prepared a beautiful poem for us which was enchanting to recite in chorus. Then again, as if, adding an icing on the cake, they paraded through the corridors of the hotel with their signature song and amusing gestures.  After that we headed towards Snomagica which elated everyone’s heart to the seventh heaven.

The happy moments in the ocean of snow rendered us to unbounding joy. Thereafter, the exit from SnoMagica and entrance in Imagica teleported our spirits to a totally different world. The thundering and spectacular rides were an illustration of how technology is gradually bringing joy in our lives. All our wants of speed and thrills were fulfilled by the roller-coasters like ‘Nitro’, ‘Deep Space’ and ‘Gold Rush’. The screaming and yelling of all students on rides like, ‘Scream Machine’ and ‘Dare to Drop[D2]’ filled the ambience of the park. Rides like ‘I for India’, ‘Mr. India’, ‘Motion box’ and ‘Detective Bob’ laid a great mystery in themselves. ‘Salimgarh’, ‘Rajasaurus’, ‘Wrath of Gods’ and ‘Alibaba aur chaalis chor’ were some of the rides which made the motto of Imagica, “Where stories come alive”, true. With such overwhelming fun, we retired for the day at the arrival of dusk.

As soon as we woke up the next day, after getting fresh, we had a sumptuous breakfast and then headed towards Della Adventure Park. With curiosity at par, we set off for this exhilarating adventure. After reaching there, we all were fascinated to see 50+ rides sprawling over that area. Daring sports like ‘Rocket Ejector’, ‘Zorbing’ and ‘Rappelling’ left us flabbergasted. We also soared to great heights and waved across the chilling air in ‘Flying Fox’, one of the longest zip line in India. It was then the addition of indoor games which added a tech-environment in this dominating atmosphere of outdoor activities.

After experiencing such an enthralling day, there was still in store for fun-burst, the delightful all-you-can-dance Garba Night waiting for us! The last day of the tour knocked our doors and with a lot of satisfaction and bubbling enthusiasm, we moved back towards our home away from home, AVM. While returning, for having lunch, we halted in front of the gates of Silent Resort. After having a delicious lunch, it was time to splash in the water. The resort had many intriguing water rides. Quite unaware of what was going to be our last Gift, it was our opulent feast at McDonald’s which escalated us on cloud nine.

The trip wouldn’t have been such a great one to call without the never ending enthusiasm and support of Pujeetbhai and Niravbhai. The memories of this tour have been stored in our ROM, reminding ourselves of the fun we had and different pranks we played, it seems as though the showers and patters of laughs and guffaws will resonate in our heart and mind forever.

Written by: Niramay Kachhadiya, Devang Patel and Naman Banka (Class 10)

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