संवेदना छोटे से जीव की – 1

Std 9B: Gillu – by Mayank Watwani, Samay Jain
Std 9B: Gillu – by Love Patel, Parth Amipara
Std 9B: Gillu – by Fenil Patodiya

Thematic Display Board Activity

“Word power is the key to effective communication”

Keeping in mind the above mentioned secret of English Language Improvement ‘Thematic Display Board Activity’ has been successfully conducted by the English Teachers of Std. 1st to 5th as a part of English week celebration. (4th July to 9thJuly)

The very first day of the week, different riddles and crossword puzzles were displayed along with pieces of papers to write answers as well as the boxes to drop their answers in. That day the board was looking like a bee hive surrounded by several honeybees.

The next day, the five boards were allotted to respective classes for a given theme. All the boards were entitled by different themes namely; My Family (Std 1), My Classroom (Std 2), My School (Std 3) My Library (Std 4) and Parts of Speech (Std 5).

Please click on the following pictures to view the details of the work done by AVM Wonders.

All the students were given colourful papers of attractive shapes. They were asked to write words related to the given theme in those papers and stick on the respective display boards. All the students participated in the activity with a great spirit. The students were allowed to make errors and learn from them. We would rather say the boards were full of efforts of little “bhoolkus” of Std.1st to 5th. Of course, Renuka Madam and Ruma Madam were the teachers behind the scene. They boosted their enthusiasm.

All the participants were highly appreciated in the morning assembly for their active participation. It is rightly said that any learning coupled with fun and play is always accepted wholeheartedly.

Written by: Saumya Madam

All about Learning to Write!

Recently students of Std IX A were taught a nature poem written by Alfred Tennyson where he personified a river named Brook. Our students used personification in their poems trying to go parallel with Tennyson.
Here are some compositions by the budding poets of Atmiya Vidya Mandir:


Among school children I got my fame,
Natraj is my family and extra black is my name.
I am born to serve,
Till last with all my curve. 
I play with pages and papers,
With sharpeners and erasers.
With funny face that they made,
More they write, more I fade.

Now small and short is my look,
With that black colour I took.
I think my owner is cool,
As he tossed me as a fool.

I shed my skin everyday,
To give my best day by day.
Bob’s pen-stand is my beautiful home,
Living here take a still-form.

I am shorty smart I say,
And slim and fit in every way.
Bob keeps me in his hand,
Because I am a big magic wand.

-Parikshit.J.Patel {9 A}


I take birth from a tree,
And all that they get me for free.
People took me for granted ,
And threw me wherever they wanted.

People used me to fulfill their will,
And took me to that paper mill.
Man uses me in any way,
I am better than a plastic they say.

– Siddharth.R.Jain {9 A}

A Fan

I spin, I spin, I spin, I spin
With none of my kit and kin.
Strong are my hands ,
Which sometimes are mend.

I swirl, I twirl, I twist, I turn
As fast as a rocket when I run.
Hurting air is my hobby,
But I am never in the lobby.

I nick, I gash, I snip, I tear,
The cool air whose cry I hear.
My favorite dish is electricity,
Which is only found in the city.

I spin, I spin, I spin, I spin
With none of my kit and kin.
I swirl, I twirl, I twist, I turn
As fast as a rocket when I run.

– Harshit.Y.Aggarwal {9 A}