Prayer-a connecting link between Human and Divine

Prayer is a wonderful experience with GOD. Prayer is a type of e-mail that we send to God. It is a link between God and us. Prayer isn’t just a thanksgiving but also an instrument through which we experience Divinity.

Now the question arises that how to pray. Different religions have their own way of prayer. Muslims pray by keeping their palms open facing to the sky. Christians cross their hands and we Indians join our hands near the chest. Though the ways are different but the intentions are same. All remember and invoke their Gods.

When we pray we have to forget all worldly affairs and problems. We have to visualise God and think about His glory. This is how we pray.

Prayer can be done at any time, but mostly people pray before beginning any task. Prayer is a thing one can do in one’s most difficult times. Prayers are not always offered in the temples. One can pray to God anywhere.

There are many benefits of prayer. If we pray all our sins wash away. When we pray we feel better. We feel as if we are in the abode of God; abode of love, abode of peace.

Prayer is really a wonderful experience being with God. It is the best, easiest and the only way to connect you with God. Please experience!

Written by: Ravi Patel (6th B)