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Guru: God Personified

Every nook and corner of AVM campus and every life associated with it, has been flourishing through the ever flowing grace of His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji. Hence, at AVM, Guru Purnima is just not a commemoration of Swamishree’s glory but a day to reunite with His supremacy by offering our prayers to […]

The Rewarding Results of Grade 10!

These VACATIONS are well-deserved by our class 10 students hence some might be escaping the summer heat amidst the cooling breeze of hills, some might be enjoying at the playground in the May sunshine, some must be savouring the mango-bites with grannies, some may be socializing with relatives at functions and some might be basking […]

Where there is Vasudev….there is Victory!

yatra yogesvarah krsno yatra partho dhanur-dharah tatra srir vijayo bhrutir dhruva nitir matir mama| “Wherever there is Krishna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjun, the supreme archer with the willingness to fight, there will also certainly be magnificence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality.” In this fast pacing 21st century world which […]

Art explosion by creative geniuses of AVM

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the post exam hilarity continued with different activities spouting unbounded fun and joy to the students . This time, it was the creativity under the churn, making the little Picasso…producing instant artists. Exhilarating their imagination and fostering their aesthetic senses, The Art and Craft department of the school, in guidance of […]