For a long period of time, the capabilities of human mind has been a matter of discussion among neurologists and psychologists. Just think about how many things the mind can design and produce: houses, telephones, trains, automobiles, planes, rockets, computers and other sophisticated devices that are practically limitless in complexity and usefulness. “We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.” says an American psychologist and author William James.

His research simply shows the unfathomable & staggering capacity of human brain. As a matter of fact, if used up to its fullest aptitude, it can turn a mountain. Miraculous! Fabulous! Isn’t it? Then, we are bound to think about the capacity of its creator …the almighty God. But, quite contradictorily, in today’s progressive world, when a limited use of human brain results in a miraculous discovery or some achievements, the humans stamp it, quite mistakenly, as a result of their own efforts. Actually the difference between failure and achievement is the blessings and grace of the Almighty and acknowledgement of this truth by humans.

How about bridging the gap between failure and achievement through prayers? How about connecting to the Almighty God – the ultimate source of all miraculous human accomplishments? Quite illustratively, the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were explained the power of God’s grace and blessings through the daily morning assemblies and the creative assembly of Suhradam House in the third week of August 2015.

The Suhradam House week started with commemorating the lives of great saints of India who demonstrated and lived the values of devotion and oneness with God. On Monday, details of the inspiring life of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was presented by the Suhradam House members. Students were explained how this great saint of India remained in constant communion with God to receive Almighty’s constant grace. On Tuesday, some interesting details about the life of Vallabh Acharya were shared to make the students understand that we should keep the perceptions of all our senses worthy enough to receive the ever flowing grace of God. It was followed by yet another insightful message from the lives of very devotional sages Eknath & Tukaram who made spiritual union with God to unfold the truth of human existence. Thursdays at AVM are remarkable and very significant as this day is ‘Guru Diwas’ when students have a video darshan of Swamishree to receive guidelines to lead an ideal life.

The next notable day was Saturday, the day of Creative Assembly in which an incident of Brahmanand Swami, the great saint of the court of Lord Swaminarayan was depicted by Suhradam House students. Through a live drama, students were explained how the unparalleled talent of Brahmanand Swami to compose marvellous bhajans (hymns) instantly elevated his confidence to such an extent that he ignored the origin of his abilities and imagination – the Almighty Lord Swaminarayan. So through a divine play, Lord Swaminarayan made Brahmanand Swami realize that his talent was due to God’s grace. Through this wonderful creative assembly of Suhradam House, students got an insightful message that all human faculties and aptitudes are gifted by Almighty God and we all should resort to prayers to reach the pinnacles of human achievements. This assembly made the students think – when human brain is incredibly powerful then how mighty its creator is – the omnipotent God!

In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10-Verse 4-5, Lord Krishna says – “Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, self-control and calmness, pleasure and pain, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame and infamy are created by Me alone”. This fact is also resonated in the Vachanamrut – Gadhada 1-65.

So we are bound to respond to who is greater and superior – the human intellect or its origin, the God? The creator or the creation?

The answer, unequivocally, is – WE OWE OUR EXISTENCE TO GOD.

Seema Ma’am