2015 has turned out to be a year of achievements for Atmiya Vidya Mandir. This year is marked with some significant performances by students in both the academics and sports domains. AVM’s performances at district level sports competitions have been a revelation this year. That trend continued when our skating team made use of their skills and abilities to good effect in the recently concluded skating competition.

On 20th August 2015, The Millennium School organised the District level Skating Competition for the Rural as well as the Urban area around Surat. There were four different age group categories: under 11, under 14, under 17 and under 19. Many students across many schools participated in this competition. The competition started with a great enthusiasm at 10:30 am.

Our youngest brothers from the under 11 age group were the first to compete. The performance of these bhoolkus was like an ominous sign for the rest of the schools as three of our five participants finished first, second and third!

In under 14 age group, we had two unbeatable skaters. They performed extremely well but only one of them managed to secure 1st place in the rink race. Then we rested for an hour. Now it was the turn of our senior students to show their skill and ability. The good showing continued in under 17 age group as three out of the total four AVM participants got selected for the road race!

On 11th September 2015, we had the road race. In which all of our eight resilient skaters had participated. In the under 11 age group, Krishivbhai and Devbhai managed to win and got selected for the state level competition. In the under 14 age group, Krishbhai won and managed to go for the state. In the under 17 age group Shreemadbhai and Praneshbhai managed to win and go for the state.

Here are the students who have been selected for the state level competition:

  • Krishiv Davariya (5th grade) (under 11)
  • Dev Patel (5th grade) (under 11)
  • Krish Patel (8th grade) (under 14)
  • Aditya Oza (8th grade) (under 14) stand by
  • Ronak Poddar (8th grade) (under 17) stand by
  • Shreemad Patel (10th grade) (under 17)
  • Pranesh Patel (10th grade) (under 17)

Congratulations to all the winners for making the school proud. Also a special mention of our skating coach Mitesh Sir for his constant hard work and dedication.

Submitted by: Pranesh Patel, Shreemad Patel (Std 10)