After a month of tireless efforts by students of class 11th with the guidance of coordinators, Samarpan 2015, the Teachers’ Day event on 5th September 2015 turned out to be a grand celebration. Every year, we celebrate Teachers’ Day with a great enthusiasm to thank all those individuals who inspire us, the students, to succeed and shape our future. This year too, every teacher as well as student thoroughly enjoyed the entire celebration while also getting inspired throughout the day. As with any successful event, the amount of hard work, with love, was the key to this grand celebration.

During the planning phase in early August, there were many brainstorming meetings held by our coordinator Tarun Sir, to discuss about the preparation for the function. A lot of things were to be done in just one month. Several duties were assigned to different groups like collecting the experiences of different students about their teachers, deciding the theme for stage background, making a nice gift for all the teachers, preparing a special card for Vijay Sir and drafting an invitation for the event. All the 11th Std students were eager to contribute their bit for the Teachers’ Day function. We needed to ponder upon many ideas and implement only the best one! Though the process was time consuming and sometimes tiresome, we really enjoyed it. Let it be a small seva of cutting, pasting or sticking, we strived to sincerely perform it.

Our resourceful mentors Niravbhai and Samarthya Ma’am provided us with necessary material for decoration and Samarthya Ma’am and Pravartak Sir helped us out in the stage decoration. Again, Samarthya Ma’am, Purvesh Sir, Priyavadan Sir and Paramrut Sir guided a team of very enthusiastic students for the exhibition. Dinalbhai along with his team prepared a nice gift box for all the academic teachers. Devang Sir and Darshanbhai were the key designers during the preparation phase. The IT team: Pujeetbhai, Rakeshbhai, Sarvajit Sir and Ambrish Sir lent their helping hands for preparing the video tributes. It all worked magically, just as a very wise proverb goes, “Together, we can achieve wonders”! Tarun Sir advised us to perform all these activities keeping in mind the motive of pleasing God and Param Pujya Swamishree. He motivated us to seek strength from Him to give out our best.

Finally, on the 5th of September, it was time for the most awaited Teachers’ Day celebration. All the teachers were heartily welcomed on a flowered path in the prayer hall after their poojan was done by students right at the entrance. Tapanbhai and Vaishvikbhai hosted the programme quite elegantly. The pious beginning of the function was marked by performing poojan of Thakorji by our special guests, Vijay Sir, Arjun Mama, Sudhir Sir and Pratik Sir. Further, there was a special video shown dedicated to all the teachers. The message of this video was that there is always something taught or some good values for life demonstrated by a teacher that helps a person at some or the other juncture in life. Our IT group had prepared the glimpses for both academic as well as non-academic staff of the school. Firstly, there were glimpses of our mentors and sports teachers which was followed by giving a special gift given to Saumya Ma’am on behalf of the mentors and another to Ritesh Sir on behalf of the sports teachers. The hall was then again filled with a lot of cheers when there the glimpses of academic teachers were shown.

A special thanks giving video tribute was given by our alumni brothers who are well settled at some of the most prestigious colleges of India. Moreover, some of the present student council members also offered a video tribute to the teachers by sharing the importance and contribution of a teacher in one’s life. Thereafter, a heart touching song titled “Tu jo hai” was sung by the choir group, guided by Himanshu Sir. A unique card was made for this event and Aryanbhai and Vaishwikbhai gave this special card to Vijay Sir after that.

A spiritual aroma and a sense of heartfelt gratitude spread across the prayer hall when we witnessed Param Pujya Swamiji’s glimpses, highlighting the time and efforts He has spent over the years for AVM and still continues doing so! Proceeding further, Vijay Sir gave a wonderful speech sharing with us the fact that we are very fortunate to be blessed by an ideal teacher like Swamishree in our lives. He also appreciated the whole hearted efforts put in by 11th Std students for organising the function. This was then followed by an awesome dance performed by students of classes 8, 9 and 10 guided by Manish Sir.

Finally, the programme ended by a few inspiring and heart touching lines prepared by Vaishwikbhai. The conclusion of the celebration was also marked by thanking all the teachers by the 11th Std students.

All the teachers then proceeded to the senior school building to witness a very heart-warming exhibition made by the students while the student teachers of the day went ahead with their scheduled classes getting a first-hand insight into this very noble profession of teaching.

The entire journey, right from the preparation to the final celebration, has gained us some very memorable and inspiring moments to cherish for a long long time to come!

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there and thank you for being who you are.

Dhwanit Tamboli (11 Science)