At AVM, celebration is a tradition and our school calendar is full of festivals and celebrations. Recently, we celebrated Janmashtami at AVM. If something very different and new comes in front of us, then it surely grabs our attention and this time, the celebration was given a different touch by Himanshu Sir, Jaimin Sir and their team. And it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Everyone gathered in the prayer hall late in the evening on the 5th of September, to enjoy the glory of birth of Lord Krishna. The environment was full of excitement. Himanshu Sir came up on the stage along with the music team and received cheers from all present. Himanshu Sir then initiated the event by narrating a story from the life of Lord Krishna. Indeed, it was very interesting and then a bhajan was sung by a team of students on that same story. As per this theme, three wonderful bhajans were sung by our brothers from classes 3, 4 and 5. Their singing was very supported well by the team of students playing different instruments. We all enjoyed very much, listening to these very well sung bhajans.

Thereafter, our happiness knew no bounds when we saw the way Pujari Maharaj had decorated Thakorji for the evening. We all enjoyed the maha aarti and then dispersed from the hall to our respective hostels after taking the prasad on our way. The first phase of celebration thus came to an end on this very eventful day of 5th September.

On 6th September, Sunday, the second phase was celebrated with the much anticipated matki-phod event. Everyone eagerly awaited this event. We began with the students of classes 1 to 6 who took turns for their matki by working together and building a human pyramid. After them, our elder brothers took over for the ones tied higher above. The united spirits of all the students added 5 stars to the program.

We all learnt that true happiness comes in unity. We all were filled with the determination to let go our ego and anger just as we broke the matki. Everyone’s eyes conveyed the readiness to climb the pyramid of life and have victory over it.

Happy Janmashtami.

Jai Shri Krishna.

Written by: Taarak Trivedi (Std 8)