Language is an intrinsic part of our existence because first and foremost, it is the medium of expression and communication of our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. It is through language that any human endeavours to carve out his presence in the society, and in more plain words — it is language that gives an individual his sense of identity.

Language learning and expression is crucial for a child’s growth. This is because, in childhood, the human brain is much more creative, inventive and open to the growth of new ideas, perceptions, and patterns of thought. Getting to learn the proper language and its way of expression goes a long way in assisting the child to learn to give way to his thoughts in a systematic and recognized manner, so as to enable him to crystallize his ideas through meaningful discussion and debate with others. This skill, if developed at an early stage of childhood, is crucial for the child as it will help him attain the skills necessary for excelling at work and social life in the world outside.

AVM is playing a fundamental role in making language acquisition and learning a fun and interesting experience. It is planned with a series of fun-filled and exciting activities like debates, interactive sessions and extra-curricular activities such as the Verbal Intelligence competition. Moreover, with the extremely talented and devoted group of teachers, it ensures that students are exposed to the highest standards of language learning to experience in their classes and beyond.

In AVM, different competitions were held for different classes in the Verbal Intelligence Competition held in the school. For the tiny tots of Grade 1, 2 and 3, vocabulary games and comprehension-skill based games were organized so that they could learn with fun. As verbal-linguistic learners, they enjoyed and relished playing with words.

Compound-word games, activities for identifying homophones, and exercises for British vs. American English was organised for grades 4, 5 and 6.

Students of grades 7 and 8 had some amazing vernacular language games wherein they were given some literary excerpts to elucidate.

The participants from grades 9 and 10 had an enchanting time with activities to exhibit and refine their skills on the literary and ornamental use of English Language. They displayed the qualities of teamwork while flourishing with their verbal skills, and at the same time, they learned to work in a team though they performed and participated on the individual level.

Though each and every participant performed and participated with great enthusiasm and zeal but a few noticeable and prominent groups with the winner’s title are as follows:





Grade- 1, 2 & 3 Suhradam Satyam Shivam
Grade- 4, 5, 6 Suhradam Satyam Shivam
Grade- 7, 8 Satyam Shivam Suhradam
Grade- 9, 10 Suhradam Sundaram Satyam

AVM conducts the Verbal Intelligence Competition every year to give the students more opportunities to exercise their verbal skills and develop awareness regarding the importance of linguistic skills and communication.

Written by: Seema Ma’am