Action packed, powerful striking, smashing, tactful services, wistful dropping and nail-biting finals are some wonderful phrases to brief the entire inter house volleyball competition.

The action-packed matches commenced on 16th November 2022, Wednesday. The first match in the Sub-Junior group between the Satyam and Sundaram houses was so thrilling that the spectators remained glued to their seats. The match ended with a close score of 2-0 which resulted in the victory of Sundaram House. On the same day, we witnessed the most thrilling match of the tournament. The match in the Junior group between Satyam and Suhradam houses was full of exciting and energetic players. The cheers and cries of the spectators completely enthused the players that evening. But the Suhradam House managed to snatch the game with the scoreboard showing 2-0. Later that evening, the audience already predicted the winning team as Satyam House was leading the first set by 7 points in their match against Suhradam House in the Senior group. The orange army played vigorously and deceived the audience’s prediction by winning the second set. But again, the yellow house played amazingly in the third set, played tough and proved that the audience wasn’t wrong. Eventually, the gritty players of Satyam House managed to win the match.

On day 2, the first-round matches resumed in the Sub Junior group, the Shivam and Suhradam houses played their first matches. Despite having a cut-throat competition, the Suhradam House managed to reach finals. In the Junior group the Shivam and Sundaram houses were standing against each other, lifting their guards and defending each other’s shots.

Finally, the Sundaram House emerged victorious. The Shivam and Sundaram houses stunned the audience with amazing saves as they remained stuck to their unbeatable determination to win the game. Towards the end of the game, the Shivam House emerged not only the winner but also the second finalist.

Once again it was the Shivam House who emerged victorious. In the Senior group, the Sundaram and Suhradam houses played for the third place. Both the teams had less experienced players but all of them were full of perseverance and grit which consequently added more elation to the game. With fabulous tries and awesome drops, the greens made the match by 2-0.

Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived, the players of the finale lined up on the court. The environment surrounding the court was filled with joy and excitement among the crowd. In the Sub Junior group, the Sundaram and Suhradam houses played the finals. The emerging talents were playing tough to have their hands on the trophy. But after the two fierce sets, it was the Suhradam House who won the match. In yet another match the same teams appeared for the finals. Though the United spirits of greenhouse lost the finals in the Sub Junior group, it was this group again, who turned up to conquer the points table and snatch the victory from the Suhradam House. Finally, the moment for which the audience was excitedly waiting, arrived. Among the Senior students, Satyam and Shivam houses, entered the court with the cheers of ‘WE ARE ONE’. The coin was tossed and made Satyam House to start the game. All the thrilling moves like powerful smashes, thoughtful drops and tactful serves by the skilful players gave goosebumps to the audience. This was the first final who made the audience wait till 3 sets. After a long wait, with an extremely close score, Shivam House prospered.

We witnessed such an incredible show of volleyball competition which was filled with joy and enthusiasm, curiosity and thrill. All dedicated coaches Dhruv Sir, Jignesh Sir, and Ritesh Sir made fullest efforts to ensure that not a single stone remains unturned to make this competition most successful. At the end of the tournament the green army led the points table with a total score of 24 points, followed by the Shivam and the Suhradam houses securing 22 points, and the Satyam House were in fourth position with 16 points.

Written by: Nirlep K Patel, Saral Gada, Khush Patel (Grade 11)