Every eager aspirant at school has a dream plan for their future, especially when they are at the threshold of choosing their careers after school. The most crucial point to take a vital decision with a lot of questions at the crossroads: which university? which programme?  and which location? and even either abroad? or stay back? Answers evade as the options are more and they seem alike. Yes, indeed we need guidance.

Thanks to our AVM teachers who shoulder our entire burden in this regard and counsels us best in identifying the ideal destinations. Every year some of the most eminent universities’ officials visit AVM for a face-to-face interaction with students. In a series of this kind, we were fortunate enough to have such an insightful one on the 16th of November 2022 with Professor Rishi Raj Bhardwaj and Mr. Juber Khan from Mahindra University, Hyderabad, an emerging as well as promising institution that has already gained a good reputation within a short span since its inception in 2014.

The session started on a pleasant note with a brief introduction of the delegates to the bhoolkus by our Paramrut Sir. With a cordial greeting, Professor Bhardwaj started the session with the university’s vision and mission and then he briefed us about the courses and other salient features for our due consideration. As for the programs, there is a wide range of academic disciplines in Engineering and Technology that are integrated with humanities and ethics, and Business, Law, Education, Media, Liberal Arts, and Humanities that are integrated with science and technology to make a learner’s academic and character excellence holistic. In addition, innovative dual-degree courses and complementary minor programs are the university’s mainstay whereas, the pure sciences are yet to be. The collaboration of the university with its reputed counterparts worldwide offers new vistas for students to explore new dimensions of learning and research. Along with the world-class infrastructure, interactive teaching ambience, global academic internship, interdisciplinary curriculum, and industry-aligned education are a few more feathers in its cap. When the professor highlighted that both engineering and business programs are enriched with entrepreneurship skills, it was clear that the seeds of business models are sowed in every scholar at Mahindra which is the need of the hour.

At the end of the session, there were a lot of questions from the participants, and every single one was answered aptly and patiently by both the versatile guests.

In general, the whole session, which ran for almost an hour, gave us a great deal of exposure to choosing our careers and in particular, about goal setting, hard work, values, and attitudes. We, the atmiyans, feel grateful to the delegates for sharing their precious time with us and to AVM for introducing such exceptional avenues to pursue our careers.

Written by: Sneh Patel, Kavi Patel and Vibhor Katara (Grade 11)