At AVM, the meticulously devised extra-curricular activities and cultural events change the very perspective of associating monotony with school-life. ‘A home away from home’ in true sense, children find here ample opportunities to flourish with their social, cultural and spiritual self. Amidst the series of events being organised to complement academics, fun-fair is one highly anticipated and pleasantest event for students as well as for staff members. This year, after the unprecedented gap of pandemic time, AVM buzzed back into the usual trajectory of funfair gala time.

The football ground of the school was colourfully decorated which became a jollification zone for students of grade 1 to grade 12 during this funfair. There was an incredible spectacle of children swarming around the gaming stalls which were elaboratively put-up with precisely planned games by the sports teachers of the school. The young children, in midst of all fun, were getting trained to use their coupons judiciously in the game zone to enjoy every single game. In a rather benevolent and ‘Atmiya’ adoption of attitude, it was heart-warming to see senior students willingly giving away their coupons to those who were mucked up with the accuracy and aptitude required to win any of these games. At these gaming stalls, the hostel staff members as well as sports teachers were enthusiastically participating with the students to optimize the fun part of their gaming experience.

Yet another, most enchanting part of this funfair was magic show. The junior wing students couldn’t stop their applause for such stunning and mind-boggling tricks and arts of the magician. Later in the day, the open, vast ground seemed to be inviting these junior students to play endlessly and immerse in unlimited fun. After exhausted all their coupons on the gaming stalls, these students invented their own games of turning a handkerchief into soft ball and shoot it up to return it in their tiny hands’ grasp. They were so happy and engrossed that they could hardly remember that it was indeed a school-ground!

The air floating above this merrymaking venue seemed to be whiffed with blending aroma of cheese melting on dosa crust and hot tomato soup being served to the students. There was a special menu set for this evening, a palatable dish of stuffed canapies being made and served by loving and affectionate teachers. A wide variety of south Indian dishes being served hot to be relished till the last bite and students also savoured the toothsome flavour of their favourite ice-cream. This scrumptious food added further tweak and much joy to this fun filled extravaganza.

As if this wasn’t enough, the bursting of celebration continued with the enchanting music and tunes which made the children groove together in the most random style. The boisterous children were eating, playing, dancing and enjoying at the fullest. The rejuvenating and revitalising effect of such occasional gala time defies monotony of regular schedule. At AVM, such events are specially organised for bringing ultimate joy and due relief from the demanding study schedules. The reminiscence of this fun-fair and its gala time still refreshes and delight the students!

Seema Ma’am