Announcement of the nominees for different posts

After one and half year of grappling with the confinement of virtual schooling, the school reopening was no less than a festive occasion for AVM family. The founding father of Atmiya Vidya Mandir His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj had a vision to gift the society exemplary individuals and leaders through AVM and the formation of student council body of AVM is a step to realise His vision. Right after the very first week of the settling in the school, the euphoria among the students was further triggered by the announcement of the list of selected nominees for the various posts of the Student Council.

There was a surging exhilaration sweeping across the school campus and the nominees seemed to multiply the hours to get some extra time from the school schedule to write their campaigning speeches. And it was the most delightful spectacle to find these nominees holding their diaries and pens walking along the corridors and around the staffrooms to get guidance for their speeches. The required help to prepare these speeches was also extended by seniors and even their peers. It was quite interesting to notice these nominees maintaining a fine balance between their study hours and writing their campaigning speeches.

Campaigning through speeches

After honing their writing skills, this was the time for the nominated members to make a mark through their speeches. And the phenomenal week started with the speeches of the candidates for the post of Vice Head Boy followed by the persuasive eloquence of nominees for the post of house captains and vice house captions of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam houses. What else can be a more learning experience for these speakers than presenting their speeches as an election- contestant? Some resorted to prayers to combat stage fear and some were cheered by their friends and house teachers. The younger ones for the post of vice captains made brilliant efforts to appeal to the audience to vote for them with unique and extraordinary promises of sincerely following school’s ethics and principles. The nominees for the posts of house captains, sports captain and vice head boy well expounded their ideas about the progress of the school, its activities, the furtherance of Swamishree’s aims and finally, the worthiness of their own candidature.

Casting of votes

Being students of a school located in the world’s largest thriving democracy, the bubbling young voters of AVM gathered on Saturday to cast their votes in their own festival of democracy as they sought to elect the candidates of their choice and selecting the ones who are worthy of being ideal and role-model for them. Thus, students from grade 8 to 12 had a hands-on experience of a digital voting system for the Student Council election.

Election Results

And there came the most awaited moment of that Friday morning assembly when Tarun Sir, the Student Council in charge gripped the mic and the audience sat still in anticipation and eagerness. The school’s prayer hall was clutched by a sudden spell of an unusual silence, and a collective gaze and auditory focus to the announcement as Tarun sir held the mic to finally reveal the names of the elected candidates. As the names were announced, the silence was pierced by a thunderous round of applause, cheer and excitement as the elected candidates’ name resounded through the walls of the assembly hall.


Satyam Nirlepbhai Naik 10B Dakshbhai Ghoghari 8A
Shivam Veerbhai Modi 10B Hetbhai Patel 8B
Sundaram Yugbhai Bhakta 10B Nirmalbhai Makadiya 8B
Suhradam Sudarshanbhai Patel 10B Shivbhai Patel 8A
Sports Captain Ashishbhai Kursawe 10B
Vice Head Boy Ambrishbhai Bodra 10B  
Head Boy Kavibhai Patel 11Sci

Investiture ceremony

Then arrived the much-awaited enthralling event when the entire school gathered to witness the investiture ceremony. The School’s Prayer Hall was bedecked with flags of all four houses. The luminous stage with a backdrop of harmoniously arranged displays of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam names emanated a feeling of unity. The young students were in awe to witness this amazing spectacle as all the house teachers and office bearers wore a sash of their respective house – yellow, green, orange and violet colour. The office bearers holding their respecting house flags were marching forward in a rhythm. Soon the office bearers the head boy, vice-head boy, sports captain, house captains and vice house captains stood on the stage and the house conveners were called upon the stage to pin the badges to these newly elected office bearers. It was followed by the oath taking ceremony as the newly elected office bearers pledged to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities and abide by the school’s ethics and principles. When the newly elected Head Boy Kavi Bhai was called upon the stage to speak for the student body, every one listened to him with rapt attention. When the next announcement was made by the hosts – Saral Gada and Nirlep K Patel, the audience was stirred, a wave of thrill swept through the hall and a notable silence with much anticipation set in when the white screen was unfurled and the projector was adjusted, it was the time to hear from the school’s Principal Dr Vijay Patel through a video as he wasn’t present at the function owing to illness. He congratulated the office bearers and advised them to be role models and extended a supporting hand to the students as a true friend. He further elucidated that in order to be a true friend what qualities they should adopt. The ceremony ended with the school song.

Complied by: Dev Desai, Aman Dihora (Grade 11)

Written by: Nirnay Aggarwal, Ketul Dhanani (Grade 11)