Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji has envisioned that students graduating from Atmiya Vidya Mandir should all be spiritually sound, excellent in academics and skilled in sports. To forever inspire and guide all in that direction, He also gifted the school the motto, “Union of Body, Mind, and Soul”. Furthermore, He has showered such abundant blessings that these students will shoulder the responsibility to inspire, not just a few villages and homes, but thousands of people and villages and in turn, work for the betterment of the nation.

Udaan 2024, a very memorable and fond gathering celebrated on the 21st of April, took the graduates down the memory lane and also ignited in them the willingness to achieve great and extraordinary things in life, while still staying humble and rooted to the values ingrained in them by Swamishree.

The seva yagna for Udaan ’24 started about one month ago. Students of the new 12th grade created different teams in accordance with their strengths and skill set. The theme decided for the event was that of kites: each student like a kite, is eager to soar high in the sky, but to ensure a continuous and higher flight, it is necessary to remain connected with the person flying the kite via the string.

And hence the hosting batch students started working full-fledged to provide their senior brothers with their most memorable gathering ever. The constant guidance and support of the teachers made it relatively easy for them to keep up with their lots. The theme being a kite based, the design team prepared templates for kites and hot air balloons for the exhibition. After they got finalised, many got right away into cutting out kites and all kinds of birds. Four of them got to preparing the hosts’ script. And the rest lent a hand in other preparatory activities. It was as difficult for all the teams and all seemed to scratch their heads after a while. But thanks to our dedicated and encouraging teachers who lifted our spirits at the needed times. As a result, the students would come up with more decorative and innovative ideas.

The day finally arrived, the 21st of April, where the school prayer hall was filled with kites representing the students and all of them connected via strings to the hands of The Divine One, Param Pujya Prabodh Swamiji.

The graduates arrived along with their families and were greeted with a gift right at the onset at a specially set up photobooth. The chief guest, Shri Savjibhai Patel along with our respected principal Dr. Vijay Sir, our beloved school trustees Shri Govindbhai, Shri Nandlal Kaka and Shri Natuda, were welcomed and escorted to their respective seats. Following this, our hosts Bhoolku Krishnbhai and Bhoolku Ashishbhai, invited Bhoolku Kavibhai and Bhoolku Neelbhai Talaviya to perform the poojan of Shri Thakorji. Our school head boy, Bhoolku Sudarshanbhai, along with Bhoolku Aatmanbhai, presented the bouquets to the honourable guests who had graced the event. Next, the hosts explained the theme stating that ‘Udaan’ truly meant soaring to new heights while still remaining rooted in the values instilled by Swamishree.

The strings attaching the kites were analogous to the agnas of Swamishree which would never let go of the kite and help them soar to new heights. Like a kite needs its ‘dori’ connected, the students would also be connected to the agnas and values learnt at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The Haridarshan team, next, had prepared a video driving the graduates down the memory lane. The heartfelt video evoked emotions in everyone and prompted recollections of their playful moments. The Haridarshan team had also captured some rare moments of these fellow students through their ‘parishyam yatra’. The video showcased their hectic daily schedule of 13 hours of rigorous hard work and the motivation they received during the course. Right from the 3 am wake up to their 10:30 night self-study, they were accompanied by their loving and dedicated mentors and teachers.

The encouraging and motivational video messages of former alumni of Class of 2023, Bhoolku Ombhai and Bhoolku Aayanbhai, was next on the agenda. They explained the need to not worry about the entrance exams and their results and instead remaining focused on sincere efforts and bhajan, stating that Swamishree has planned it in the most perfect way.

A beautiful and melodious song by Bhoolku Haribhai, Bhoolku Jaybhai and Bhoolku Romitbhai, was then presented. Then Bhoolku Saralbhai, on behalf of the graduating batch, conveyed a heartfelt message thanking Swamishree and Atmiya Vidya Mandir for what they had done for them. Then came another video message from the alumni, Bhoolku Shivambhai and Bhoolku Pavitrabhai. Following that was a new trendy video on what all the leaving batch would miss about the school. Next, the new hosts, Bhoolku Nirlepbhai and Bhoolku Aryanbhai introduced the audience to the third alumni message video by Bhoolku Nevilbhai and Bhoolku Jagartbhai. The final part of the event included Vijay Sir’s highly insightful speech which gave the parents an idea of what their child is capable of and also gave the students a clear destination of what they need to do once they graduate from AVM.

Forever in our hearts, but off to soaring new heights. Farewell, Class of 2024!

Written by: Chaitanya Patel & Sudarshan Patel (Grade 12)

UDAAN ’24 Seva Yagna Smrutis:

UDAAN ’24 Smrutis: