“You can never become what you want,

Unless you work hard!” resonated the whole twelfth

This – no one could hear,

but see in their actions.

Over 1.2 million students all over India, appeared for the 2019 CBSE Std 12 board exams, but these 41 from Atmiya Vidya Mandir were different. They practiced not just for boards, but also for their life’s exams. To give them best wishes to face life’s exams with courage and calmness, Atmiya Vidya Mandir bid them adieu on 31st March 2019, celebrating the eventful farewell.

The evening began with a warm welcome of families by the 11th graders. The families came in turn for their family photo in the photo booth and the students were handed over their gifts by teachers. As the families settled, the anchors took the lead of the function. The hosts for the evening, Hero (Gauravbhai Joshi) and Honda (Ayushbhai Patel) introduced to all the idea of the event and the event then commenced with the poojan of Thakorji by Shivambhai and Ishaanbhai on behalf of entire Atmiya Parivaar.

The event and the ambience were based on the theme of a bullet train. The bullet train symbolises the fast and undistracted life of our brothers. The bogies (students), prepared in the trainyard (school) by The Train Master (Swamishree) and the guards (teachers), were now ready to venture out and make trips around the world. Without getting off the track, because they have been fed with positivity and values which have given them the discretionary power to differentiate between right and wrong. To revise the values instructed by Swamishree once again, we had that opportunity through video darshan of Swamiji in which He emphasised on keeping the five senses positive. He also explained the importance of keeping company of good friends, saints and teachers to keep us on track and become the perfect child, perfect student and a perfect human in our life. Then was the time to present them with some of their sweet and ever-etched memories at AVM.

The glimpses videos also showed the precious qualities gifted to them by God. All these glimpses reminded our senior brothers of their precious time at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. During the last few months, they had logged hundreds of hours of reading and practicing time, by working hard for 15-16 hours a day. So, to show their perseverance and hard work to their parents who are unaware about their child’s daily activities, a small video was shown highlighting their daily schedule and the efforts put by them. Now that their journey here was over and their actual flight in the real world begins, an awe-inspiring dance, directed by Manish Sir, was performed to motivate them to continue the efforts that they had put over here at whichever place they go, on the song “Hona Purani Teri Dastaan…”. The key phrase which the performance highlighted was ‘It’s neither easy nor impossible’. Further, the hosts very humorously reminded our brothers of their peculiar qualities they had shown while at AVM. In the midst of these glimpses videos, cherishing their memories, the message of clinging to the goal and fighting hard against difficulties, by staying together, was conveyed by students trained by the very able Himanshu Sir and Jaimin Sir, with the song “Kuch parbat hilaye to baat hai”.

Further, to convey the message of living in family and enjoying every moment with the family, a comical act was presented. The act very amusingly highlighted the intricate relations of a father and a child, a mother and a child, a sister and a brother, a grandparent and a grandchild. The act ended with explaining that relations of family are unique and one must not break but preserve them.

Moving on, in the event, it was then the turn of the graduating batch to express their feelings and gratitude towards Swamishree and Atmiya Vidya Mandir. It was Nisargbhai who came to express their gratitude on behalf of the entire batch. Expressing their feelings, he said that it was their biggest fortune to get an opportunity to study at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. A bigger fortune they were blessed with was the gift of saints and teachers that they got here. He also added that all they will achieve would be impossible but for these dedicated teachers. At last, the whole standard gave the promise to not let down the unparallel efforts of teachers, but to build a gleaming future on this strong base created by all at the school.

The speech touched everyone’s hearts and then it was time for our brothers Shivangbhai and Niramaybhai who presented a whimsical act to add some air of laughter in the hall under the name “Hasti Vasti Sathe Masti”.

And with the end in sight, the last set of glimpses was presented to enjoy their memories for the last time together at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. It all seemed to come to an end but it could not, as an extremely important part of the evening was still remaining: Vijay Sir’s speech! Vijay Sir explained to the parents what role Atmiya Vidya Mandir had played in the life of these students. Further, he shared with the parents a few important things they could to keep in mind to support their child. Also, he informed the importance of spirituality in life and how these students are different from others just because of that. Nothing was more appealing than his most sincere words, which were precise and contained deep meaning. Finally, we were all blessed by Pujya Fuvaji. Fuvaji is completely devoted to Swamiji and His vision and is a person who always listens to everyone with patience and never ever loses his temper. And to have him on the stage was nothing less than a blessing for us. He spoke just for few moments and conveyed some very clear messages. He informed all about the importance of Atmiya Vidya Mandir and made every student understand the importance of studying here. With this, he walked down the stage while everybody was still pondering upon the precious words spoken by him.

The pleasant evening was setting in and it was the last moment for the Class of 2019 at Atmiya Vidya Mandir together. The ceremony closed with the message for the batch to fight all odds and never give up on what Atmiya Vidya Mandir had taught them. The combined enthusiasm of the seniors and their families set the perfect event to an end as one of the most amazing and memorable events of their life.

Reported by: Pranit Choudhary, Ayush Patel and Madhuraj Modi (11 Commerce)

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