The Inter House Handball Competition for the new academic year 2018-19 was declared open by the Sports team on 12th April. The team had made fine arrangements for the ground making it a very pleasant experience for the players and for the audience. It was held between 12th April to 14th April 2018.

The 1st match was between Satyam House and Shivam House in the Junior group, which eventually turned out to be blessing in disguise for the purple bearers i.e. Satyam House, winning it with 8-5. The 2nd match was in the Seniors group between Satyam House and Suhradam House, the Satyam House team grabbed victory with 8-4.

On the next day, the 1st match between Sundaram House and Suhradam House, was an easy win for the orange army of Suhradam House with 7-0. The 2nd game in the Seniors was the Shivam House v/s Sundaram House match, again an easy-going game for Shivam House winning it with 8-1. The third place in the Juniors was between Shivam House and Sundaram House. Both sides being tough and equally competitive, it was a nail biting match in which Shivam House finally took on the Sundaram House team, winning it by 5-4.

The next day schedule included 2 finals and 1 third place match.

  • The final in the Juniors, was full of uncertain events throughout the match, but the crowd burst out in excitement when in the end, Satyam House snatched away the cup from Suhradam House by just one goal 9-8.
  • The third place was easy going for Sundaram House, taking over Suhradam House, the score being 13-7.
  • The Satyam House & Shivam House teams were against each other for the first time in the finals in the Senior group and it was anticipated to be a serious battle. Despite a tough and worthy try from Satyam House, Shivam House finally lifted the Cup winning the match with 12-5.

The audience were very enthusiastic throughout the competition and their cheers and cries kept encouraging the players and boosting their spirits. The Sports Staff was always on being their very co-operative, making the event a great success.

Reported by: Harsh Hingu & Jay Patel (Std 10)