To provide an enriching learning experience to the students graduating from class 11 to 12, a book review project was planned out and executed and our team got chance to explore the book “Elon Musk – How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future” by Ashlee Vance. The review presentation was held on 9th April 2016 at 11:00 AM and around 130 people attended the full house programme in the school auditorium.

The book is on the entrepreneur, innovator and a great businessman, Elon Musk. He owns three highly innovative and massive companies i.e. Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity and manages all of them together! The book depicts how Elon Musk faced challenges throughout his journey so far in establishing these multi-billion dollars revenues generating companies. He started with $28,000 and today his net worth is about $14.3 Billion (as on 10th April 2016).

Our Cover Page for the book:
Elon Musk - Coverpage

It was a great learning experience which taught us to face challenges, how to think big and importance of reading books. The biggest thing that our team learned and experienced was the power of teamwork. It also helped our teammates reduce fear of public speaking. Elon Musk had always chased his passion and never let fame or money get to his head. He never complained how bad the world is, instead he himself thought to improve the world by making products which in past seemed impossible, like electric cars (2004), reusable rockets (2002), internet payment system (1995), etc. His life motivates people to work hard and to have passion in the work they do.

The “Elon Musk” Team:
Dinal Patel, Kevin Patidar, Aryan Jadwani and Abhitya Talreja