There was a book review session organised by the students of class 12th in the month of April 2016. These ongoing book reviews are part of a very important project for class 12 Commerce students for which they worked through their previous year in 11th.

As part of the project, there were four different review sessions for four different books. The class was divided into 4 teams with four members each.

Our team got the chance to present our review on the book “Great by Choice” on 14th April ’16 in the school auditorium. The book is authored by Jim Collins and co-authored by Morten T. Hansen. This book is about how the companies that started from a position of vulnerability, grew up to become great companies during periods of economic turmoil and various other factors beyond their control.

The authors have given out three behaviours or choices of the “10X companies” that led these companies on the path of success. The three elements are:

  1. Fanatic Discipline
  2. Empirical Creativity and
  3. Productive Paranoia

And animating these three behaviours and the motive behind following the three behaviours is Level 5 Ambition. The authors have also given a SMaC Recipe that binds all these three elements together to help the companies.

Furthermore, we explored what the authors have researched about the most amazing (& uncertain) part of our life, that is, luck. Their team found that successful companies and unsuccessful companies weren’t different because of any ‘bad luck’ event. Both the types of companies got the same number of good as well as bad luck events. Therefore, they concluded, the successful companies became successful because they managed to get high returns of their luck events as compared to the less successful companies.

The “Great by Choice” Team:
Nihar Dudhatra
Prashit Patel
Vaishvik Patel
Krishna Patel