Let’s tickle their sixth sense

Much has been written and said about CCE, but one can gist fully call it a bleach on the tint as nothing has been more prolific, more articulate and more complete in exploring and unraveling all the dimensions of implementing it in our school.

I think that under the influence of the CCE, a child can bloom into the flower spreading fragrance, enticing humanity and live by it. Though with condensed and crystalized training which did away with and sticks to the bare essentials; We are to put it in the right context and to make it palatable to our students. This ‘all inclusive’ style can lead them to evolve spontaneously and comprehend the phenomenon,we call life.

The ten day training session or I would rather call it a conference for its being interactive, finally ended with the initiation of new methods into the fold of the last day, I find it contrary to popular belief about the CCE being a time consuming methods , it is seemingly like a part of daily routine for AVM teachers. A holistic approach of teaching which might help the students to face the situation when they are bog down by all sort of limitations in their daily life. Onto this flush of information I am much excited about literary and creative skills where developing aesthetic senses is much talked about (not much to the extend I would like)

In this context,there was a question which was rightly thought upon and discussed by one of our teachers about students using music as stress buster, with CCE in the air, now little Rahul or Anmol will not wonder at the story of Tansen who sang Megh Mulhar and the rain descended and when he sang rag Deepak lamps burst into light ,but for me and for us the thought provoking point is that how sincerely and imperatively we can sensitize them to the nature around to perceive it not as a resource but as a fellow existence (the environment or the surroundings in a broader perspective) why can’t we instill such feelings in them that they ( our student ) find the nature as a companion? If so happens, he would definitely take care of the environment or remain responsible or rather committed to preserve it for next generation.

I enjoyed the session as it had got much of interaction and discussion on its very native wellspring. Now we can have tangible measures to record aggressive concentration or passive slump of a child but I am happier with the fact that CCE includes awakening of aesthetic senses in a child, hope you give this idea a kick start as an alchemy of transforming the future , if you are agree with me.

Written by – Seema Madam