Are we ready to become role models?

Few days back I came across a good quote on parenting which goes something like this, “If you want to see how good or bad you have lived just look at your child.” There isn’t much difference when it comes to parenting and teaching especially when you are a teacher in a residential school. This quote actually got me thinking deep.

In a sense I think students are nothing but a reflection of their teachers. Young Students always model themselves on others around them. As they grow up their dreams become more reasonable and realistic, but when they are young they always want to become someone from whom they are fascinated. When I was a young student in school, I always wanted to become very good in math like my math teacher. I was fascinated the way my Hindi teacher used to tell us the intriguing stories and wished one day I could tell stories like him. In short I wanted to become very confident, smart, humble and so many other things which I thought my teachers were. I also even imitated their walk, the way they talked. I may even have learned so many things from my teachers without me knowing consciously.

In India if we ask any young boy what they want to become, couple names that will surely dominate are Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni. No price for guessing those two names. But then we always complain about not finding a genuine fast bowler. No child (may be very few) will tell you that they want to become a fast bowler growing up. Reason being they never seen a bowler who could become a role model.

You must be thinking why am I talking about cricket? Because I think in both the cases; academics and sports students need role models. Students always learn and inspired from immediate surroundings. If I am a teacher who reaches 1 minute late in the class I have no right to expect my students to be on time. Their sub conscious minds notice it and put it into action. If I don’t have seriousness and focus in my teaching, my students will not have that in them. If I am not sincere in my daily routine I should expect the same in my students. If I don’t have respect for my students, students will not have respect for me as well as for others.

If I keep pointing out their negative points not only they will be discouraged but they will also start finding negative points in others. On the other side if I am very positive, enthusiastic and optimist in my nature and in my work ethic, I will be able to transfer that enthusiasm and positive energy to my students. Meaning if I want my students to be the best I will have to become super best (I know there is no such word “super best” but you get what I am trying to say right?:))

Bottom line is that I have to become a role model for my students. I cannot teach them something that I am not.