A playful picnic delight for little picnic explorers is a kiddie adventure, a sweet escape for big memories, and an extravaganza.

On February 15, 2024, the air buzzed with excitement as the bhoolkus from first to fourth grades embarked on a half-day picnic at the lavish, lush green Jwalant Farm in Valan. Surrounded by nature’s embrace, the extensive greenery became their playground for the day. As the little explorers arrived, their eyes widened at the sight of the expansive farm, dotted with vibrant flowers, towering trees, and lively foliage. Laughter echoed as they raved in various outdoor games, fostering camaraderie and joy while getting ready to immerse themselves in the adventure that awaited.

Next what?? “Splashes and Smiles: A Poolside Paradise for Young Souls!”

The highlight of the day was an unforgettable swimming session. Giggles and splashes filled the air as the kids jumped into the refreshing pool under the watchful eyes of their supervisors. With each stroke, they unleashed their inner water adventurers, creating memories that shimmered like sunlight on the water. The sight of carefree faces and buoyant laughter warmed the hearts of the accompanying adults, who revelled in the joyous energy of the little swimmers.

After the refreshing dip, the children satisfied their appetite with freshly prepared, delicious sandwiches and wafers, which served as the perfect fuel for playful escapades and aquatic adventures.

Later that day, the young adventurers encountered a group of benevolent souls—wise, motherly figures—our beloved Behnos. With open hearts and nurturing spirits, they showered the children with blessings and infused the day with warmth and affection. Their presence added a touch of the divine to the picnic, leaving the children with not just joyous memories but also a sense of appreciation for the nurturing souls they met.

As the sun began to set, the children gathered to enjoy a sweet conclusion to their escapade: ice cream treats! Laughter mingled with the delightful flavours as they relished the cool treats, savouring the sweetness of the day’s experiences.

With hearts full of laughter and bellies content, the kids bid farewell to the farmhouse, their minds rejuvenated, and memories etched in their hearts brimming with the magic of a day spent in paradise. The lush green farmhouse had not just been a picturesque venue; it had been a canvas for laughter, friendship, and unforgettable memories.

Sharmistha Ma’am