Today’s young minds are navigating through an increasingly interconnected world where English serves as the lingua franca of global communication. In consequence, this world is copiously brimming with words and language models being offered by an abundance of AI assistance; owing to which the basic human skill – the ability to express oneself effectively, is gradually becoming extinct. So, it becomes imperative that during their formative years, this digitally native generation should be guided to constructively remain engaged in sharpening their innate art to use language for self-expression. Hence, there is no better way than writing workshop sessions which build up a conducive environment to nurture a genuine love for reading and writing among these students.

At Atmiya Vidya Mandir, during the writing workshop sessions, a transformation occurs within the students, which ignites in them a new-found sense of happiness and enthusiasm for writing. As they gather in the workshop space, each student remains eager to embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression. Whether the teachers take fiction-based write-ups or non-fiction genre of writing, each day, children are guided step by step; then, slowly and very slowly yet profoundly, the passion for writing emerges in them. Though, their initial drafts are full of errors but their mistakes and doubts are accepted, these mistakes are discussed and corrected which help them to shed their inhibitions and embrace their inner writers.

At AVM, these writing workshop sessions in each class offer the children an intrinsic skill of perceiving and absorbing this world through writer’s eyes. Alternatively, AI-generated text assistance is at our disposal but these large language models operate within predefined parameters or patterns and data-driven algorithms which severely lack the intrinsic nature of human emotions and context that underpins genuine self-expression. Contrasting this, through writing workshop sessions, children’s spontaneous writing often arises from the unique interplay of thoughts, feelings and creativity. Teachers try to facilitate real time intuition and inspiration. The most crucial part is thinking and brainstorming which involves reading of mentor text of various teaching aids. Children collaborate and get encouraged by each other to share ideas, giving feedback and support. Through engaging activities, they explore various writing techniques and boundless possibility of storytelling. Most importantly, through conferencing, teachers guide them to unleash their imaginations and express themselves. They are encouraged to write from their heart, tapping into their emotions and experiences to craft stories that showcase their experiences and reflections. Thus, several sessions of conferencing and editing render them the final draft which is ready to be published. Then the opportune moment came to show and share their books to the world. Hence school conducts a publishing party which rolls out with school wide celebration. This year, at Atmiya Vidya Mandir, the publishing party and writing workshop celebration started on 5th April 2024 and continued till 9th April 2024.

After the classes, the celebration would start with the children’s procession, as they parade through the school’s corridors proudly showcasing their books. With each step, these budding writers exude enthusiasm and pride, their books held high as symbols of their creativity and accomplishment. The hallway would come alive with the jingling of tambourines and thumping of the drums as children march through the hallways and their voices raised in spirited slogans and joyful cheers. Finally, they would march towards the venue, the prayer hall where the ambience for a publishing party was created with orderly arranged tables and chairs and a surrounding makeshift wall decorated with displays and snippets of writing-workshop sessions.

The spacious prayer hall came alive for this celebration of creativity and achievement. Students were beaming with happiness as they were settled in the hall which was adorned and lit up well. They were eager to invite readers to read their books. The teachers and guests took turns to read and understand their write-ups. Their genuine interest in students’ books kindled a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm among these budding writers. For all four days, guests, teachers and senior students turned in to read, discuss, admire and validate their small books. Each day’s meeting started with unfurling of ribbon, evocation of Bhagwan’s blessings, popping up of confetti and bursting of colourful balloons. A few students would be invited to read their stories or speak about their experiences. Some visitors and readers valued these young writers for their innate ability to infuse life in their write-ups whereas others gave them constructive appreciation and suggestions. Thus, it is obvious that the role of writing workshop classes is paramount in shaping students’ inclination towards self-expression and also a testimonial to the power of storytelling and writing.

Seema Ma’am

Smrutis from Std 1, 2 & 9 Writing Workshop Celebration 2023-24


Smrutis from Std 3 & 8 Writing Workshop Celebration 2023-24

Smrutis from Std 4 & 7 Writing Workshop Celebration 2023-24

Smrutis from Std 5 & 6 Writing Workshop Celebration 2023-24