Republic Day celebration holds immense importance in India. It serves as a significant day that honours the endorsement of the Constitution of India. The celebration of Republic Day is marked in schools around India by various activities and events. It signifies the transition of India from a British Colony to an independent democratic republic.

Republic Day in India is an occasion filled with patriotic fervour and national pride. The flag unfurling, national anthem and various cultural performances evoke a sense of national pride and solidarity on this day.

In Atmiya Vidya Mandir this day was celebrated with great enthusiasm to instil a sense of love and respect for the nation among the students. The celebration involved various activities, events, tableaux, performances that showcase the rich cultural heritage and the significance of the country, speech by our honourable Principal Sir and prize distribution.

The day begun with the unfurling of the national flag by our Principal Sir Dr. Vijay Patel. The school premises reverberated with enthusiasm with flag song and Vande Mataram. The unfurling of the tricolour symbolizes the sovereignty and democratic values upheld by the Indian Republic.

The highlight of the day was the procession of Tableaux celebrating Gujarat’s rich socio-cultural heritage and development. Tableaux for the first time were incorporated into Republic Day celebrations in AVM.

The Tableau presentation begun with a dynamic visualization of Gujarat’s progress in terms of spirituality, prosperity, popularity in socio-economic, political, and cultural aspects. It was led by the students of grade 6 who showcased their talent with a dance number on the song – Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat portraying glory of Gujarat. Which was followed by the first float ‘आस्था और  विश्वास depicting the spiritual aspects of Gujarat, highlighting the 5 avatars and their teachings, and concluded with the message that, irrespective of miserable situations, we should have faith in God and His divine mantra.

The float that made the next appearance with its ecstatic beauty was the ‘Rann of Kutch’, with the message that as Indians, we should be the first to promote and foster the heritage and richness of our country. Dressed in traditional attire, the participants of grades 4, 5, 6 and 8 conveyed the traditions of the region through their Garba moves on the song – Madi mari mauj ma bole re.

The next tableau ‘Clean-Green Energy Efficient Gujarat’ focussed on renewable energy, highlighting Gujarat’s bright future in harnessing renewable sources, particularly in terms of solar and wind energy.

The consecutive float portrayed the craftsmanship of Gujarat under the banner of ‘Textile and Diamond’ which showcased Gujarat’s prosperity and its industrial prowess on Global scale.

‘The Jewel of the West, Saputara’, the beautiful hill station of Gujarat followed promoting eco-tourism. The famous Dangi dance by students of 7th grade projected its unique heritage and tradition.

The Saputara float was followed by the ‘Iron Man of India’ float, highlighting Sardar Patel’s indomitable spirit and invaluable contributions in terms of civil services, co-operative industries thriving milk production, and the unification of India. The enactment of Grade 1 students on different ads of Amul impressed the audience.

The parade concluded with a grand entry of two stalwart personalities – our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Shri Amit Shah. These two indisputable leaders have brought multitude of transformative changes in India with promotion of Made in India, encouraging Digital India, and supporting Skill India.

The intermittent activities like drill by the students of grades 5 and 6 and formation of pyramids by enthusiastic students of grade 9 displayed their precision and discipline.

Our honourable Principal Sir then discussed about Modiji’s vision and commitment for Viksit Bharat and also made the future citizens of our country aware about their duties as Atmiya Vidya Mandir students. He emphasized on the importance of following the rules and ideals demonstrated in the constitution. He also stressed on the vision of our Guru and visionary Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji’s teachings of making the youth of our country spiritual, healthy and responsible. He explained to all that it was a privilege to be at Atmiya Vidya Mandir as that meant that we are all showered with endless grace by GuruHari and hence he encouraged the students to shoulder even more responsibilities towards their family and country.

Achievements, dedication and efforts of AVM students in the CBSE Cluster Sports competitions like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and the ‘Tata Building India’ school essay writing competition were celebrated and recognised through the prize distribution ceremony.

The day drew to a close by the echo of national anthem throughout the school premises, which pervaded a ripple of pride among the students and staff.

Like every year, Republic Day celebration of Atmiya Vidya Mandir not only showcased the patriotic spirit but also reinforced the values the school believes in. The events of the day served as a reminder of our collective responsibilities towards building a strong nation.

Jai Hind.

Renuka Ma’am & Srimona Ma’am