You are the bridge that connects me to my God. My Guru, I discover my world at your feet.

A spiritual guru who has attained God-realization is endowed with special abilities that guide seekers toward the supreme, all-pervading spirit.

On the full moon day of Guru Purnima, AVM Bhoolkus celebrated the significance of Guru Krupa on the pride of Marathas and of Sanatan Dharm, the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The event featured poojan of Thakorji performed by the chief guests, followed by a endearing dance performance by 53 emerging talents from 1st to 6th grades of Suhradam House.

The histrionics show ” गुरु कृपा से ज्ञान उपजे, गुरु कृपा से ही रक्षा होय ” showcased the glory of the Guru and the disciple’s soul connection. The story evincing Afzal Khan’s hypocritical plan of the assassination of Shivaji, the great Maratha ruler, was enacted by 27 middle school Bhoolkus of AVM. The flabbergast entry of Shivaji Maharaj and the striking twist demonstrating the misfortune that befell Shivaji Maharaj when he went to meet Afzal Khan without having his Guru Ramdas’ blessing, set the exposition of the historical drama with high enthusiasm among the audience. And, the second half implies how he was saved from the conspiracy when he had his Guru’s blessings bestowed upon him.

The story emphasized the importance of following gurus’ agna (command) to achieve eternal peace and blessings from the almighty. A prasang shared by one of the alumni of AVM, Gauravbhai Kawadia, emphasized the importance of following even a simple agna of the Guru to reach one’s maximum potential.

Swamishree’s paravani addressing the Guru as oxygen for life was also a highlight of the celebration. Soon thereafter, Principal Dr. Vijay Sir delivered an insightful speech on the significance of the day, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the Guru’s directives. The unforgettable event concluded with a prayer of surrender and commitment to live life in accordance with the Guru’s guidance, followed by Guru Poojan performed by all students and teachers. Respected Principal Sir and beloved Saumya Ma’am guided the newcomers, through the tradition of Guru Poojan which is a unique aspect of our institution.

This festivity deeply ingrained the message that the grace of the Guru is like a never-ending ocean, leading us from darkness to light by removing obstacles on our path.

Sharmistha Ma’am